Five Tips For Christmas Catalogue Shopping


No matter how much we try and push it to the back of our minds and forget about the stress, Christmas is only just around the corner and with Black Friday (or should I say Black Monday to Friday) ushering our temptation to spend to the limit, it strikes that inner time bomb that is ready to go festive crazy! You probably haven’t thought about Christmas shopping via catalogues – it certainly isn’t something I’ve done since sitting on my Grandma’s knee in the 90s but despite them being a shadow from the past they are still popularly up and running and it is a fruitful way to bring in those bespoke buys. Just like revolutionised online shopping, the advantages are the same; it’s hassle free and you can browse from the comfort of your own home at a time suited to you. No long lines, no traffic jams, no strict opening hours, no slow walkers, no hounding and best of all – it’s delivered straight to your door ready for you to decide on.

With it’s even easier to get started (or familiarised) with catalogue shopping. The discovery of this gem means Christmas shopping is catered to your needs. Their aim is to compare dozens of the UK’s top catalogues – think Marisota, Littlewoods, Look Again and much more – to find which one’s offer the best range of products, credit plans, delivery options, customer service, sales and discounts! Although their knowledge and experience helps keep a steady hand, you can’t fault some short handy tips so here’s a snippet of my own guidance to prep before you shop:


Make Lists

The first step to successful spending is to be organised. There’s no point in flicking through the books without an idea of what you’re looking for, so making simple lists you can follow without problem is a must do beforehand. If ever there was a chance to whip out that ornamental notebook and test your hand writing skills, it’s here and now. Split your lists into the desired categories, put the most important to the top and note down the to have an idea of where you’re heading first.


Have A Budget

It’s easy to become hooked on catalogue purchasing and to over spend yourself into oblivion so being strict with yourself and working out your financial matters is beneficial for shopping smart and savvy. Consider if you can afford the credit, calculate and try to manage your payments each month so you can balance it with your funds. With the flexibility of spreading the cost in instalments it means it takes away the pressure of buying in bulk for occasions such as Christmas but always remember to realistically only buy what you can afford.


Stick To Non Impulse Buys

Staying with the economical side of shopping and the logistics, it’s good to have a preference. You’re bound to come across one or two or three or four or five items that stand out from the rest and contradict what you have on your list but remember to only pick out the essentials. If, like me, you’re the sort of person who finds it hard to stop once you start being overly enthusiastic then it may be a challenge but you must tell yourself self control is key.


Make Note Of Your Favourites

It’s practical to consolidate your list, to group as something you’ll recall when taking a break and looking back. So whether that’s highlighting, turning pages, numbering your priorities, marking labels – make sure you’re aware of your little plan as it’s almost guaranteed to get confusing and let’s be real you’ll more than likely find some goodies completely out of context to what you had in mind because of the vast variety!


Order Early

A final prompt is to always make sure there’s enough time for the delivery of the thoughtful gifts you’ve chosen. Don’t leave yourself panic buying, the point of catalogue shopping is for an ocean breeze and that means allowing a generous amount of time before the big 2-5 arrives. The dispatch around Christmas is always dodgy with the demand so it’s best to start raking in those present potentials already.


Do you have any to add? What are your thoughts on catalogue shopping?


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