Interested in my input?

I’m always thrilled and happy to undertake any sponsored blog/social media opportunities and collaborations with brands as long as the topics are relevant and/or will be useful to me or my readers. Please do feel free to pop along an email stating your interest and we can discuss and negotiate to both my terms and yours. If you would like to take a look at my media kit, stats, or anything else which would be relevant don’t hesitate in letting me know!

A summary:

My blog of six years has brought many amazing campaigns to my door. I have worked with various brands such as Dorothy Perkins, Paul Mitchell, PLT, Kipling, Nomination Italy, Tobi x 2, Rekorderlig, Caudalie, Panasonic, Avenue 32, Holland and Barrett, Jack Wills, Warehouse, The Hut, Shoe Zone, Yorkshire Linen, Holiday Gems, and more.

I absolutely love to produce creative, unique, engrossing, resonating, and interesting content that will not only benefit your company but attract my audience as well as your trust. With my natural flair for writing and passion for photography I’m able to showcase your brand to its best potential with my approachable and accommodating style. Whether it’s a blog article, social media content, general promotion, text link advertisement, a feature, a review, or a giveaway you’d like me to run – as long as it is mutually beneficial on both sides, I’m open to any kind of collaboration and am up for a good challenge that keeps my brain ticking!

What about the timescale?

Once I’m set something, I’m eager to get working but realistically, I do have to allow myself some time to plan and prepare which I hope you can comprehend with. If there is a certain deadline you’d like me to stick to, I can be easily flexible and accommodate to your desires.

Typically, it will take me 1-3 weeks to complete a post. Unfortunately with fashion-related collabs it is weather and photographer dependent so please allow me time. With beauty, I do like to give the product a couple of weeks to adapt to my skin so I can give an honest opinion. If it’s makeup, hair, or electrical it will most likely be a lot sooner. Lifestyle is once again dependent on how active the event or trip has been. Inevitably, editing is the longest part but I always aim to reach the highest standard.

Please note:

  • I do not accept any guest posts or pre-written articles for my site. All content is written and produced by myself only.
  • All links will be no-follow as per Google guidelines.
  • Sidebar ads are not a possibility as this has been erased to allow full width format.
  • All gifted products and PR samples will be clearly marked and stated where I received them from.
  • Any paid partnerships will be disclosed at the start or end of the post and declared in the title, no exceptions.

You can read my full disclaimer, here.

I’m also open to taking on any freelance writing gigs. Whether you’d like me to write a first person story, a quality article, or a blog post; covering a diverse range of topics. Please do get in touch with any proposals as I’d love to use my expertise and experience to engage with and build your readership. (CV on request)