Wishlist: Shoes I’m swooning over


I’d be telling porkies if I said I haven’t got a concerning fetish for shoes, my love for them has grown stronger since I started blogging and I’ve found myself delving into styles I never thought I’d be into; especially my recent obsession which are chunky soled shoes. I love the variety of them and the mixture of basic, pastel and more holographic colours. My love for pretty, petite heels hasn’t been forgotten either. In fact, they are the shoes I rely on when I’m going out or have an event to attend because quite frankly I cannot step out of the door in any heel above 4″ without stumbling to the point I can’t walk in a straight line (and being a non-drinker kind of person, I can’t even blame alcohol!) nope, it’s just me being absolutely useless when it comes to any kind of stilletto. With this in mind, I went for the safer option when purchasing shoes for my holiday and added the smaller but still as effective type shoe to my wishlist. The lovely, summery colours will for sure brighten up my statement outfits for the evenings spent eating too much food and soaking in the heat, and hopefully as the days go on that heat will produce a golden tan that will be the greatest pairing for my shoe collection!