Wishlist: the faux fur trend


If there’s one thing I love about winter, it’s snuggling and wrapping yourself in soft fur that acts as your personal insulator. Pair that up with another love (fashion) and it becomes the most beneficial style type to have ever graced the earth. I love everything about the hyped up faux fur trend at the moment, usually I’m not one for jumping on the bandwagon but every year I find myself hoping the fur garments come back so I can not only feel satisfied but look good too (and this year they did, yay!).

There are so many beautiful faux fur coats lurking around waiting for me to fall in love with. I especially love number 11, I made a mistake of venturing into Zara this week and I could have easily picked up two or three items from each section. Absolutely everything (and I mean everything!) is on point but nothing struck me more than that coat. The fur contrast adds that major detail to such a classy, chic, light pink coat and now I don’t think I can settle until it is mine (why so expensive?! waaaah). Faux fur has even reached the accessories department this Autumn/Winter and in terms of getting it spot on, they’ve done marvelously. The fur clutches are a favourite of mine, they could be such a nice staple piece, the sort to finish off an outfit. Same goes for the fur collars and scarfs, place them on top of a simple outer piece and it gives it that extra boost. There’s so many different ways you could style the basic fur. 

The dresses are a little out of the range of my ordinary dresses I’d usually go for, and if I decided to go ahead and purchase either the Missguided Co-ord or the Missguided Dress, I’d not only be taking a risk but I’d probably be heading for the post office the next day to return them because I hated them on myself. I don’t think they’d suit me, but it doesn’t stop me from admiring the trimmed feather fur loveliness. As for the Faux Fur Hem Shift Dress, that’s something that would catch my eye right away. Although it’s plain, the edged fur gives it a playful touch. Clean-cut, fresh coloured dresses are my most desired type and after seeing one of my all time favourite fashion bloggers llymlrs rock this with a minimal waistcoat at LFW, it urged me to put it on my wishlist and work with it through the season. A simple over layer or a long coat topped with some shoes with a small heel would look perfect.

Are you loving the faux fur trend as much as me? (Literally, guys, I could go on forever when it comes down to anything fur!)