Wishlist: dreaming of spring with Topshop

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I’m back with another wish list and this time I’m dreaming of Spring. Yesterday, we had a huge downfall of snow and as pretty as it looks, it made me realise just how much I hate the cold weather and how much I’m done with it. As soon as Christmas is over with, I’m counting down the days till the lighter nights come in, the birds start tweeting and most of all, the Spring shopping begins.


When I bobbed into Topshop the other day, I could have easily picked up a dozen items and taken them to the till without second thought and with an outcome of empty pockets (as much as I love Topshop, it’s hella expensive). I do this thing when I’m shopping where I make a mental note of all the picks I’ve spotted but can only lust over, browse online when I’m home, find said items and then create a wish list. Topshop are so on point with their new season stock. The range they deliver is always high quality with a choice of unique patterns, simple chic minimals and those pointed boots (oh, how I swoon).


I tried to stay away from black this time but with that in mind, I don’t think you can ever get fully rid as the months go on (and let’s be honest, who wants to?!). Stripes have become a new favourite of mine, the versatility makes a good staple piece a worthy, must buy. Grey is also a shade that seems to strike me when there’s that awkward transition between winter and spring but then I’ve still got an eye for injecting some colour back into my life with the warm toned rust and mustard colours. Last year saw a return of the pastel but this year I’ve gone right off the idea of being head to toe in pale pink, baby blue, mint green and lemon and am more for the fresh, sharp white cut (especially those dresses, I still can’t resist a crochet sundress).


What will you be wearing this Spring?


Bridie x