Winter coat wishlist

It’s been a bit quiet on my blog lately which is purely down to numerous hospital appointments, busy days and bad weather but speaking of weather, that’s what’s inspired and encouraged me to make a huge (and I do apologise for that) wishlist of winter coats that have caught my eye this season. As much as we’d like to hide and deny the fact winter is fast approaching, we have to face the facts. Britain doesn’t shy away from abruptly changing weather seasons in a click of a finger and there’s no better way to be prepared than to hunt down some spanking brand new possibilities of your winter coat to not only express your style but also keep you snug, warm and hopefully illness free when the time comes to add extra layers on.

I tried to narrow it down as much as possible but there’s so many dashing statement pieces that I just couldn’t and hey, more items means more choice and you can’t complain about that (unless, like me you’re an indecisive bugger that gets attached to various coats way out of your price range). From fur coats to boyfriend coats to pea coats, there’s so many on show this year, not just from the high street but from them hidden gems online too.



I have to admit, I’m lusting over most of these and it’s going to be a tough ordeal deciding which one to go for; not only is it the design of the coat, it’s the variety of colours too. Personally I love the Zara coats, the couple of fur coats and the majority of the She Inside ones too. I’ve already tried the famous pink Zara coat and the Miss Selfridge Red Bow coat on in the shops and they’re both stunning so at first it was a decision between them but now it’s a decision between 50 (arghhhh!). Feel free to let me know your opinions on which coat is your favourite. Oh, and feel free to lend me a loan to purchase my winter wardrobe because money just doesn’t go far enough hahaha.

Lots of love…