I’m Choosing To Smile

Posted on 4 min read

It’s not always easy to radiate positivity, especially when your mental health is defying the often overbearing, enthusiastic life quotes on the internet. There’s factors in the world that make it almost impossible to smile; you can wake up and feel that impending doom of the day ahead, something or someone can upset you or offend you and a downhearted mood can creep upon you. You can have the worst luck in the world, experience problems with a task you were determined to complete, be rejected, fight with a loved one, or switch on the news.  You can feel as though there’s no hope nor reason to think optimistically but then an occasion or a person may prove you wrong. You can participate in your favourite pastime and feel the happiness building or bubbling. Or simply, like me, despite every concept being considered, you absolutely do not smile even when you’re on a high, because the reflection staring back at you as you smile with your teeth makes you scowl with disgust.


Now, here’s where Whitewash Laboratories fly in to rescue me from recurrent horror. They recently kindly sent me some goodies to try out not only to provide expert dental care and sparkling results but to help improve my own confidence (and essentially the entire basis of and inspiration for this post has ascended from this marvelling Nano range so thanks guys, you the real MVP). The box consists of four products; whitening toothpaste, whitening mouthwash, anti stain floss, and a specially designed toothbrush. I’ve been trialling them now for a couple of months and I’m absolutely loving injecting some extra routine in my teeth cleaning with the added bonus of gorgeous, luxurious, golden packaging that sits pretty in your bathroom. With a combination of simple everyday items you could find on the supermarket shelves opposed to the strips and the coconut oil solution, it’s become an easy regime to integrate into my daily life (and a lot more long lasting) – especially as by previous experience of trying different teeth whiteners, it provides the exact same results.


By means it’s not a miracle worker and it’s a gradual process that needs to be maintained, but by pairing all four together to create a gradual result of super squeaky clean, plaque free teeth and a brightened beam, it gives you a solid reason to smile till your heart’s content. Mild minty taste toothpaste – check. Powerful rinse mouthwash – check. Super soft and spongy bristles that make reaching those hard to reach spots less complicated – check. Reduced sensitivity almost immediately – check. A polished finish that erases any surface stains, marks, or dullness – check. Re-mineralising to a fresh layer of smooth – check. Helping towards abolishing those insecurities – double check.



A dazzling smile is always noticeable and approachable; a key source of striking attention when you meet someone for the first time, or alternatively, randomly pass someone in the street as they’re laughing carelessly with a friend and you think damn, what a beautiful smile (hands up if you’ve done that plenty of times). A smile holds great power. It bears benefits to the mood and the well-being. It’s attractive. It’s contagious. It can put you on the right path, lift your spirits and even allow someone else to get a pleasant reaction from it.


Sure you’ll have your downfalls. I’ll still curse my wonky shaped lip placement, my pointed chin and my chubby cheeks, I’ll still loathe the way my teeth aren’t your regular prominent, straight, in line structure. I’ll still find it tough to plaster a smile across my face when I’m feeling less than chirpy and robust. I’ll accept my grumpiness and the difficult worries and hiccups that may cause an impact and an abrupt stop to my merriment. I’ll take time out for myself when I need it and I’ll even carry on rocking my resting bitch face but you know what I’ll also do? Appreciate my ability to smile. Relish in the ordinary candid moments that give you that warmth you need to make you smile. Howl with laughter at some ridiculous meme without a care in the world – so much so that I don’t even think twice about showing my teeth. Thank the heavens above for the people I have around me. Spend hours watching my favourite TV show or movie with a box of tissues beside me to wipe away the inevitable tears. Order that pizza. Embrace the change in season and the way nature continues to swim with beauty despite the devastating disasters. Surprise my family with gestures out of sheer kindness and thought. Tell myself I do have time, there is hope for the future, you are succeeding and you should be proud of those steps you take. Fill my life with joy to overwrite those crestfallen setbacks that leave you feeling helpless. Smile.


Whether it be your best loved band announcing a tour, a trip away, an indulgent treat, a series of ab-induced laughter with the close ones that don’t require nor have you thinking about materialism, the sound of a baby’s giggle, a breath of fresh air or even just a plain embracing hug – there’s plenty to be gracious for. It’s you choosing to reflect on this and work those face muscles that matters.

*some of these items may have been sent for me to review, please see my full disclaimer for more information.