What I wore: White duster

Duster Jacket | Cami | Skirt | Shoes – All Primark 

Hiding away in my back garden on a sunny Sunday afternoon seemed to be a good idea until I realised there isn’t much light beneath the trees and it isn’t the handiest of places to stand and attempt to pose when the grass is slanted. I apologise if the photos are lacking quality and I look as though I’m about to stumble any minute but my wanting to improve outfit backgrounds is still in progress! Anyhooo, moving on. I seem to be bringing out the brighter clothes whilst summer is back making another appearance. I want to make the most of it before I’m heading out in all black and white nearer the A/W months. This white duster is a change from my usual safe options of jackets. They’re all the rave at the moment and this beauty was a see, want and buy from good old Primarni. I hesitated as to whether the longer length suited me or not but I was at the till before I could question it so here we are. I never realised when piecing this outfit together that all items are Primark purchases either but I guess that just proves they are and always will be a favourite of mine. These white sandals seem to be worn a lot but I don’t have any other white shoes (sigh!). Perhaps I should purchase some, but I’m put off by the fact I probably won’t get much more use out of them once it turns windy, rainy and muddy – ahh what a lovely thought! (Can you detect my sarcasm here?).

Have you hooked on to the duster jacket trend? I can’t wait to style and mix up this one with the more simpler colours I own.