What I wore: tropical flowers

Playsuit – Missguided | Kimono – Boohoo | Shoes – Primark | Necklace – H&M | Hat – H&M

I feel like I’ve jumped back a few weeks and am back in the summer/festival style clothing but with the weather on some sort of humid throughout the day but chillier on a night phase, outfits like this are being thrown together without second thought. This kimono seems to be my latest staple piece. I’m a keen lover for all black everything and I don’t think that will ever change. I just love how it goes with whatever you’re wearing and there’s no worrying about what jacket you’ll have to trail with you “just in case”. Another recent favourite of mine are these Primark mule shoes. I’ve seen them hovering round the blogosphere and were chuffed when I managed to grab my hands on them. They’re so easy to style and despite being quite high, they’re rather comfortable. I can see them being over worn as the months go by.

Speaking of Primark, I seem to have spent way too much money in there recently. They’re on top form with their A/W gear (especially the coats and jackets). I have so much to show so am hoping to get together another Primark haul soon and it will be posted as soon as I trudge my way through the buys and bags (okay, I am exaggerating there).