What I wore: suede, denim and skinny scarves

Top – Zara | Denim Skirt – Miss Selfridge | Skinny Scarf – ASOS | Hat – Primark | Boots – eBay

Hello, and happy ‘Easter is officially over now we’re back to reality’ Wednesday! I’m now back from my mini break; well, technically, I came home on Monday but have since been recovering from a poorly neck. I somehow strained a muscle and wasn’t able to move my head without representing a crippled old lady. Apart from the slight injury, I had a delightful weekend with all the family. From dancing to some throwback 90’s tunes, winning absolutely  nothing at bingo, and having a good old natter with a cuppa and way too much chocolate, to taking long walks on the beach in the sunshine and blue skies and dreaming of owning a luxury caravan venturing out onto the lake. We were so lucky with the weather! When travelling in the pouring rain and darkness  I was under the impression we were doomed and I’m still trying to fathom out how it’s transformed so quickly. But I won’t be one to complain, in fact I’m trying not to praise higher temperatures in case I jinx it. You’ve got to enjoy it whilst you can when you live in the UK!

As I’ve been away, my blog routine has been interrupted (not good for us who like stable plans) so today, instead of a wishlist, you have an outfit. Words can’t describe how happy I am just to be able to showcase my choice of clothing in a different environment. It’s amazing how making the most of an alternate background adds all the character to a photo. Even the ducks joined in with the fun of the park whilst I pretended I was your typical London blogger posing beside a post box. I’m really digging the 70’s trends at the moment and with this outfit I’ve thrown a bit of everything into the mix. From camel suede, to my current favourite a-line denim skirt, and I even attempted the skinny scarf look (which I’m still not sure I pull off but it’s worth a go, aye?!). Denim is huge this season and I’m looking forward to the summer days where I can trial out some more fab pieces. Topped with a staple hat and some pointed boots, it completes the perfect casual but still acceptably stylish outfit.

Don’t forget, you still have time to enter my Blue Vanilla giveaway. As I’ve been away from the internet for a few days I’m considering extending the duration just so it gives more people a chance to get their entries in so I’ll update as soon as possible!

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine!

Bridie x