What I wore: Stripes, Pastels and Holographic

Posted on 1 min read

Trousers – ASOS | Top – Topshop | Duster Coat – Primark | Shoes – Public Desire | Clutch – Primark

I whipped the white duster coat out again yesterday. I seem to be slowly but surely weaned on to the idea of swapping a regular jacket for an extra long jacket. I kind of feel like I work in a dentist or am a high class lab professor when wearing it but putting that aside, it’s definitely one of my favourite Primark buys to date. Mixing three lots of styles was a risky step to say I usually settle for the simpleness but I think the contrast between them worked (well I hope since I did spend a good few hours out in town for all to see). The stripe clashes with the well loved pastel coloured blue trousers and then the added silver brightens up the finishing touches. Not the usual approach for me, but I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone once in a while and I can’t help but swoon over how much of a bargain those trousers were. £13.00 for a pair that actually fit properly around the waist and hips, you go ASOS!

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