What I Wore: Pink By The Cherry Blossom


It was only a matter of time before I headed out to an aesthetically pleasing open park to appreciate the beauty of nature – or in simpler terms, the cherry blossom that is enough to make even the dullest of locations sparkle. It’s pretty much official blogger rules to make the most of it and pose beneath the flowers in a fash-UN manner before it all disappears with guaranteed gusts of wind after the sunshine we’ve been spoiled with, right? And when my entire outfit (and even my makeup) wholly matches the pink theme and blogger cliche of ‘yay Spring has arrived on my doorstep’, it becomes even more inevitable (but I definitely aren’t complaining – more embracing).

When I received an email from the lovely team at Access All ASOS informing me of a chance to get my mits on a £50 gift card, I honestly thought it was too good to be true. Turns out it was all legit and I was one of the super lucky insiders to exclusively experience the launch of the answer to all birthday present woes – brand new gift cards worth £10, £20 and £50 widely available around the UK right now. I totally didn’t do a happy dance at the fact I was given an open invitation to have a huge shopping spree on the one place that takes all my money without so much of a hesitation (okay, maybe I did). I couldn’t resist jumping on to the app as soon as possible, browsing the new in, saving hundreds of garments to my wishlist with the click of a heart, y’know the usual attire. BUT as per, I was overwhelmed with all the possible solutions to my current wardrobe misery and was totally stuck for choice. I had an idea in mind – go for versatile garments that are easy to style, will last a while but will also do justice to the current spring/summer season – and in the end I began to think out of the box and go for something totally different but something that still screams eternally to my classy, feminine soul. The beautiful cosmetic pink colour struck me at first sight.  Did I think I could pull it off? Probably not, but it was worth the risk because I absolutely loved the cut, the fit, and the finish. It has that ‘I’m so important – all eyes on me’ vibe and let’s be real, who can turn that down?!

It’s rare for me to dress up so formally, I mean I’m never really ‘dressed down’ but a two piece suit of dreams is quite a big deal for me. Surprisingly though, I couldn’t have felt more at ease even if I tried. It’s sophisticated styling but with the comfort I’m always searching for which is why I’m patting myself on the back with this wise decision – an occasion that doesn’t often cross my path.

It was pure prosperity for ASOS to announce 20% off at the time I had £50 to spend, so being the bargain hunter I am I also went ahead and purchased a plain, simplistic but complementing white shirt. I knew exactly how I wanted to style it even before receiving it and when I tried it on with everything intact, I almost, almost, whelped with excitement. It’s one of those combinations that can be paired with an evening suit and tie, high heeled stilettos dress code in mind or like me, a pair of rose gold sunglasses and white slingbacks just to give it that extra edge. Albeit it was hard to find the right angle to photograph under shadowy trees but I’m more than thrilled with the outcome and these might just be my favourite outfit photos to date. Yay for improvement!

Leaving you with even more charming blossom to tirelessly swoon over, I’ll ask whether you’ve been appreciating the glorious weather as much as I have? Word is we’re in for a red hot summer, but I wouldn’t count on it…

Bridie x


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