What I wore: photoshoot fun

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Jacket – New Look | Trousers – Topshop | Top – New Look | Necklace – Primark | Shoes- Primark

Bralet – Topshop | Skirt – Topshop | Shoes – Primark | Necklace – Primark


Two days ago I attended a makeover photo-shoot by Mark Swinford Photography courtesy of an offer I won through New Look a while back now. The session included a one hour hair and makeup session, and an hour photo shoot with a choice of backgrounds and outfits. Despite being half an hour late (our sat nav took us in the opposite direction nearing the countryside and my internet wouldn’t work, absolute nightmare!) I had a great time. I’m always a little apprehensive when attending an unfamiliar place, especially when I’m leaving strangers in charge of sprucing me up and giving me instructions left right and centre. However, I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute, from being made up to feel glamorous, to being put into positions I never thought I could reach. I’m not the most confident person, I’m awkward and I find it difficult to explain my life story to everyone I meet but I felt so at ease here. The staff were super lovely, comforting and complementing and I loved the transformation they gave me.


Friday’s weather was terrible so that meant I weren’t able to make the most of my freshly styled hair and makeup. The makeup was different to my usual natural preference, my eyes were heavily made up and I stepped out of my lip colour comfort zone but I did love the change. My hair was softly curled so they fell delicately and luckily those curls stayed in overnight so I was able keep the style ready for some quick outdoor outfit photos yesterday evening. The outfits are completely contrasting; one spells out autumn, and the other is still stuck in summer but I purposely decided to pick these to represent my mixed up style. I think you were allowed a few more outfit changes but I stuck to just two to keep it simple and I think (well, I hope) that worked. I have an appointment to view the end result on Tuesday and from there I get to choose a free print. Unfortunately, unless up to a £1000 magically appears in my bank account over the next few days, I doubt I’ll be purchasing the whole portfolio of photos but for the experience alone, it was priceless… literally!