What I wore: monochrome checks

Blouse – Forever 21 | Skirt – Forever 21 | Gilet – Dorothy Perkins | Boots – Primark | Hat – H&M | Bag – New Look

I never thought I’d be revealing my ridiculously pale and frumpy legs to the world at the end of October, in to November but hey, there’s a first for everything. It’s quite crazy how warm it’s been over the past few days, obviously I took advantage of the weather and whipped out my new favourite skirt. Monochrome combinations are my favourite kind and finding an outfit well within budget is even better. Forever 21 are slowly but surely becoming one of my top online retailers, there’s always that one reasonable piece you can pick up that is the perfect staple for your wardrobe. It’s just a shame online is the only place I am able to look for their stock as the 8 shops in the UK all require money and a good few hours of travelling to get there (you Londoners are so lucky with that huge 3 floor shop you have access to, I swear I’m not jealous at all!).

I’m now sat back reflecting on what has been a brilliant week. I met two of my all time favourite people, Olly Murs and Shane Filan. I was invited to not one, but two Christmas themed events taking place next week and I’ve ended it as I always do, a laid back family orientated day full of shopping and cosy TV slouching moments. I did plan on doing something a little more exciting for Halloween but me being me took the easiest and most preferred option of staying in, getting a few decorations together to set the mood and reminiscing on how exciting Halloween was for me as a kid as the little ones knocked on the door. I hope you all enjoyed your 31st October!