What I wore: the lace, suede and faux fur trio

Posted on 2 min read

Faux Fur Jacket – H&M | Blouse – Wholesale Buying | Skirt – Zara | Boots – eBay


How to look like a yeti in a mini skirt – a story by me. When I received this beautifully detailed blouse from Wholesale Buying I wasn’t only just pleasantly surprised at how pretty it was, but I was also desperate to figure out how I could style it to ensure I’m displaying it to its full advantage. Flash forward to a brainstorming of that 70s knee high boot paired with a suede skirt (and an under layer to maintain all dignity re flashing the bra and post Christmas tum), and voilà, we’re on to a winner.


You know when you have a clear idea of the outfit you want to put together but you need a final piece which will just set it off dramatically? Well, this ah-mazing faux fur jacket provided the right amount of a pop of ombre colour to give that well needed edge.



Clashing three textures together worked as well as can do (actually better than I thought). Although the blouse is right up my street and ticks all the boxes for my feminine side, the heavy faux fur was an on-taking step out of the ordinary for me. I’m used to basic jackets and long boyfriend coats in my outerwear collection so this was a solitary addition BUT, I love it, and I felt super Kate Moss-esque as I strutted my cul-de-sac on an unexpectedly mild day in February. Mild enough for me to brave the bare legs, anyway.


Bridie x


P.S. huge congrats to Aisling for winning my giveaway and thank you so much to everyone who entered!