What I wore: Grid print

Top – Missguided | Skirt – Topshop | Satchel – Primark | Shoes – Primark | Hat – H&M | Necklace – Forever 21

I fancied a bit of a change background wise for my outfit photos this time round so opted for the middle of my cul de sac. Not so good when it’s all out in the open, all modes of transport are passing by and neighbours are having a nosy out of their window but hey ho, there’s some things us bloggers have to sacrifice and for me that’s my picture privacy. This outfit has been a favourite of mine over the summer (well Britain’s idea of summer hence the dark colours) but I just seem to be so monochrome mad at the moment. You have no idea how long I’ve waited to snap these photos but I’ve had to wait until the weather is relatively calm and rain free. Just as we’re allowed to get excited for all things autumn, the weather decides to pick up again (typical of September!). Not like that’s gonna stop me A/W shopping (or more like admiring pieces I’ll hope to get my hands on) although I can see these types of clothing being carried through to the colder months. This gorgeous grid print skirt will pair just as well with tights and my Missguided slightly knit crop top will be generously worn just as much. Don’t you have so much love for the ‘suitable for all season’ items? It saves me a ton of dosh that’s for sure.

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