What I Wore: Grey On Grey

Posted on 2 min read

coat: Romwe (sold out, similar here) | top: Boohoo | faux leather trousers: Missguided | bag: YesStyle | boots: Daisy Street

Don’t let the bright blue skies and a short appearance of sunshine fool you. Unfortunately, as much as we’d all like it to, Spring hasn’t quite arrived yet. With a random, totally out of character snow fall hitting England last week and freezing temperatures still soaring, it meant I wasn’t ready to ditch the coats just yet. Now, I don’t know whether this is a pro or a con. On one hand there’s nothing better than a snug, warmth of a luxury feel coat but on the other I hate it when you plan a kick ass outfit, and a coat tends to ruin the overall look. One thing I do know, however, is that I am utterly obsessed with this coat that’s taken me through the bitterly harsh autumn/winter season.

There’s days where you just feel like slinging on an oversized coat with a dressing gown feel over a simple sartorial choice and this was one of those days. I seem to be recurrently wearing grey hues paired with a feature silhouette like the wrap style blouse layered with some basic black trousers and it just seems to work well (even if it is preposterously awkward to find leather that fits on the bum and doesn’t sag on the waist). Grey is such a classic colour and quite frankly, I don’t own enough of it. With its tendency to differ from your ordinary black and white whilst still ensuring it doesn’t wash the natural tones out, it’s got me hooked. And photographing against a white background enables it to stand out. Although overgrown grass, cracked pavements, squashed cigarette packets and hovered litter doesn’t quite have the same effect as the glamorously chic London architecture (oh, Northern problems).

Finally, I just want to talk about these ah-mazing boots. I’ve broadcast them before on my blog, over in my ankle boot display post but featured and styled on the feet, they look a whole lot more effective. The lighter shade of grey crossed with the clear heel is so effortlessly *fash-un* meets seductive with the zip up from the ankle.

Have you got a staple piece you’re still holding on to?


Bridie x

P.S. A very happy International Women’s Day to every single empowering beautiful lady out there. Use today to show more than ever just how important you are!