What I Got For Christmas

We’re nine days into January now so Christmas seems like a distant memory, or at least to the people who have actually found the time and place to store their gifts instead of just staring at the heaped blockade hoping it’ll eventually rearrange itself (ahem, I’m totally not referencing myself, here). I haven’t seen many of these posts lurking around this year (or last year, whichever you prefer as you program your brain functioning) so that made me even more hesitant to list my presents but I figured if you’re anything like me, you won’t take sharing as bragging but instead sharing as caring because if there’s ever a time to demonstrate curiosity meets nosiness it’s in the post Christmas – still finding an overkill of glitter all over the house – period.


Despite me claiming beforehand that in 2016 I wouldn’t be over-lavished due to the lack of funds and me being completely okay with that because never is it about the gift, but about the thought, the gestures and the time spent together; of course my family and friends – who carry too much kindness in their hearts – proved once again that I am the luckiest lady on earth. Along with the random bits and bobs that make Christmas what it is, I was showered with all my favourite treats; from skincare, to makeup, to nightwear and even a fraction of fashion.

So, what did I get? I got chocolates (because what’s Christmas without Ferrero Rochers in a tree shaped box?). I got more candles to add to my exalted collection. I got the most beautiful ombre pastel daily journal which makes my daily blog outlining that little bit more snazzy. I got a phone case because a) I am not to be trusted with an unprotected iPhone 7 and b) ALL THE MARBLE AND ROSE GOLD. I got a premium looking Tangle Teezer because my previous one was on its last legs and my mum can just sense these things. I got my first ever clean eating meets cookbook in the form of Niomi and her motivating lifestyle, I’ve had a quick browse through and already I’m excited to learn how to spice up my food choices and become an all round healthier person.

I got my traditional new set of pyjamas, this time a gorgeous silky top and shorts with a matching kimono style gown in a silvery violet shade – both comfortable and super classy! I got some fluffy socks because they were not only the cutest design but I can now do something about those cold feet of mine that are always a reason for me to get complained at. I got some more YSL Black Opium (my ultimate number one perfume) to make up for my just recently finished bottle, this time in a body lotion duo set so now I can smell like a dream at every turned corner. I got my annual Lush supply; The Night Before Christmas gift set, the Rose Jam Bubbleroon and Santa Baby lip scrub – I’m yet to use those indulgent bath bombs but I am looking forward to unwinding in a wave of colour.

I got the Too Faced Cocoa Contour kit as my ‘main present’ you could call it. I’ve already boasted about this in my latest makeup tutorial so you can read an in depth breakdown on how it’s fast become my most loved product, there. I also was blessed with the Smashbox Light It Up face, eyes, and lip set which I was really excited about. Smashbox is one of my preferred makeup brands with its holy grail primer so I can’t wait to be reintroduced to the familiar cosmetics and to try out the accompanied illuminates. I also got another first – a Michael Kors nail varnish from my lovely friend Charlotte who really shouldn’t treat me as much as she does at Christmas time.

I got a huge and I mean hu-uge set of Sanctuary pampering products that is definitely gonna be my go to box when I want to relax and freshen up whilst the rest of the world goes by. Then I got another body pampering set but oh my god it’s the most pleasantly scented shea butter I’ve ever come across, it reminds me of being on holiday so I think I’ll probably save it for the summer months. I got my accustomed treatments for my troublesome skin from my darling mother as unfortunately I can never take control of those pesky spots even as each year passes. The trusty REN clearcalm system is something I’ve deeply missed in my routine so the Hit The Spot set is going to be beneficial for those breakouts. Then there’s the mask I’ve been dying to get my hands on since forever, the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. I don’t know why I didn’t branch out sooner to be honest but I’m so glad I have it to hold now, I’ve used it once and saw a difference to my skin straight away. Aaaaand finally, I got my most current coat in my wardrobe as an extra from my grandma – a pretty pink Primark gem that adds so much depth to every outfit choice.

What did you get for Christmas this year? Send me your posts over to read as that can feed my goal to engage more with comments and my desire to have a gander.

Bridie x