What I got for Christmas: the sale buys

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I know, Christmas is well and truly over now and the January blues have ferociously kicked in but with January comes part 2, the follow up from Christmas and more importantly; the sales. The sales are my weakness; they’re so carefully planned out so that any money you received as a gift is blown straight away. Surprisingly, I have managed to control myself this year (well, the more appropriate term is I’ve ‘improved’). I’m quite naughty when it comes to those big deals. I’m one for buying something purely because it’s reduced by around £40, not because I’d buy it normally or because I’ll get plenty of use out of it, just because it’s there staring at me, asking for my hand in purchase. I admittedly hold my hands up on being guilty bargain buying for the sake of it but this time, I can honestly say I’m not just going to shove these away for them to collect dust and never to be seen again (well, I’m not making a heart felt promise).

Boots’s sales are one of my favourite kinds. I’m pretty gutted I missed the latest one (I really need to start taking note of the important dates) but I was lucky enough to pick up two of their reduced gift sets at the end of December. The first was Think Pamper by Soap & Glory and the No7 Protect & Perfect which was for my Mum’s birthday (just to add, she’s really enjoying using some skincare products and is impressed with the softening results so far). Soap & Glory never let me down, their bath and body products remain classic pampering beauties and I always leave a pleasant smell behind when I’ve indulged in some S&G me time. Included in the prettily packaged bag were Clean On Me shower gel, The Righteous Butter body cream, Glad Hair Day shampoo, Scrub Of Your Life body buffer and Heel Genius foot cream. It’s becoming a recurring pattern collecting all these miniatures but I love to mix things up a bit and some of the items included I’m yet to try which makes the find of a great offer even better!

Before Look Fantastic sneakily changed their prices back to the originals, a few weeks back I managed to whip up a product I’ve been meaning to get my hands on for while; the Alpha H Liquid Gold. For £21.00 instead of £33.50, my hopes were already lifted but once I received my parcel I was even more delighted by how effective the simplistic clear lotion is. I’m glad I took the word of the reviews I read as ever since I’ve started using it, my face has transformed. It armours my massive breakouts, makes my skin appear glowing and complexion feel brighter and softer. It’s certainly the definition of magic in a bottle.


Four dresses and a playsuit, sounds like a trashy version of a newly made film but is in fact, the only clothes I purchased in the sales (can I get a hooray?!). I guess it’s enough, considering the amount of garments in my wardrobe, I shouldn’t be really thinking about obtaining more but if you know me, you know I have a legitimate addiction to shopping and there’s no stopping me. I always consider the summer and holidays abroad when I browse through the sales (oh, how I’m dreaming), the stores seem to shove some previous summer supplies in with the offers and you can usually pick up some bargains like this Origami Print Dress and a River Island 60’s floral print sleeveless playsuit (sold out now, sorrrry!). The rest of the pieces I picked up are very versatile; I love the camel coloured Funnel Neck Dress and the royal blue Urban Outfitters dress (which is also out of stock, booo!). I feel like they’ll both be a key staple in my wardrobe for the rest of winter and into the upcoming seasons. The Blue Vanilla Burgundy Diamond Tile Dress has to be one of my best picks. I’ve really gone off abstract patterns but this one is an exception. It’s so complimenting on me, making me look ten times skinnier than I am (which is always a bonus, obviously!) and it can be styled alone or with layers which makes it the perfect piece.


Now, with a fresh stock up of clothes follows a clear out of half my belongings so stay tuned for my very first blog sale which will be available on my blog as soon as I hoard through the piles of items that need to be photographed (I’ll also be gradually posting things up on my Depop if you’d like to check it out).

Did you pick up any great buys in the January sales?

Bridie x