What I got for Christmas – the late edition

I guess I should start off here by wishing everybody a happy 2014! That stomach bug I so willingly spoke about in my previous posts seemed to make an appearance to the rest of the household, including me, last week and I’ve only really just got over the deathly, attacking germs (I must make a note not to jinx myself ever again because I’m prone to that). This means I’ve not even had the chance to photograph my wonderful Christmas gifts, up until now that is. Obviously, I haven’t included everything. Which by everything I mean the numerous boxes of chocolates I was bought that have accidentally ended up disappearing in my now recovered stomach but there were other surprises too such as money, and a pampering voucher to have a day at the beauty salon with the ladies. 

Every year, I realise how lucky I am to receive such lovely, thoughtful gifts and 2013 was no different. As you get older, Christmas isn’t as exciting as you already know most of what you’ll be getting but I think that day in particular is filled with happiness and appreciation to your ever so attentive family and friends. My presents didn’t have a theme to them, they were just random bits and bobs that sum me up completely. The main present from my mum was the Enrapture Encode Totem Styler which has become my new favourite hair product, does exactly as it says and makes my hair feel luxurious. Another product that has now become my holy grail is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, I can’t describe how better my skin looks and feels just from applying this over the past few weeks. My grandma quite gracefully broke my makeup brush virginity. She bought me the two Real Techniques brushes I was lusting after to start me off when venturing into brushes; the Expert Face Brush and the Blush Brush which I completely love. I also did pretty well with makeup bags which have come in handy as I’d been wanting some new necessities. I received two dainty ones from my mum and a lovely, angelic lace one from my Auntie.

The typical toiletry gift sets once again made a familiar appearance but you can never go wrong with some Nivea bath and shower luxuries, and the pretty Beauty Boutique box featuring hand cream and nail accessories was ever so cute. Moving away from the beauty side of things, my set of three bows from Birdcage Bows was one of my highlighted gifts. They are so beautifully made and I’m sure they’ll do me great justice not only when I want to make my hair my main feature but to add that spark when I’m having a dull hair day too! The gorgeous phone case is from my mum and it’s sitting dignified as I speak. The bracelet was a charming little gift from my friend and then there’s the watch, which wasn’t actually a present but I had to include it as it was just too irresistible (and cheap all at the same time) for me to not dig into my Christmas money pocket to buy. The clutch bag was yet another present from my ever so lavishing mum and it’s so versatile, perfect for both winter and summer. I actually paired this with my gorgeous, floral, lace trimmed playsuit on New Years Eve (which was another present), and I can’t wait to make use of it as I plan more events to use as an excuse to dress up. The black River Island bag was a sweet surprise from my cousin and his girlfriend. I wasn’t expecting another bag but there’s always an open space in my room crying out for one, especially when it’s a dinky black piece which can be used almost every day.

My stunning photo frame and my adorable vanity mirror with a tiny smudge of storage are now both placed in my bedroom and match the vintage theme as suitably as a pair of snap cards; I fell in love with these at first sight. Finally, we have my pyjamas from Forever 21, I chose them myself but they ended up being another gift from my mum to me. They’re not only ridiculously comfortable, but the top half gives out a strong message to inform the male population what to do to get us in their good books. 

So that’s me done, did everyone else get what they wanted for Christmas? Anything in particular that shone out from the rest? I love to have a nosy at other people’s gifts, even if it is ten times too late.

Lots of love…

P.S. As you may or may not have also noticed, I’ve already stuck to one of my New Year Resolutions regarding my blog and have had a little revamp. I also set up a Twitter page specifically for my blog which you can find with my social media buttons. All I need to figure out now is how to create a navigation bar for the top of my page and fight my way through html annoyance when implying it into my template. Hopefully I’ll stick to another goal and post more regularly too, but for now I really need to work on my shocking time keeping skills which is stopping me from planning out posts frequently!