Wednesday wishlist: Zara Spring/Summer


Anddd here’s another wishlist, what a surprise! As constantly browsing online for things I dream of owning is a standard habit of mine, I thought I’d evolve it into my blog and create another new approach (and because I’m enjoying putting my blog ideas into perspective and having a mix up of posts). A ‘Wishlist Wednesday’ means there will be a newly delivered wishlist every week, complete with my brief interaction on how sad my bank balance is looking.

This week it’s Zara, a shop I’ve grown to love over the years and which now seems to enlighten the money signs in my eyes whenever I enter ‘just to have a look’. As you can probably tell, I’m becoming impatient with the winter weather. I don’t like to wish my life away but spring can’t come quick enough. The high street are now starting to bring in all the fresh lighter layered clothing and a pop of colour is beginning to make its way in and quite frankly, it’s great to see a change from the dark and dreary (now if them near freezing temperatures would just bugger off…).

I picked 15 key pieces I’d love to have in my wardrobe collection for this spring/summer but I could have easily chosen more. As my style’s revitalised, Zara seems to fit right in with my tastes. I love the neutral, nude and crisp white mixed in with some pale-toned greys and of course my favourite of all time, stripes and monochrome. However, stepping away from the plain items and despite my recent minimal outlook, I think the flowered skirt, the pastel tunic and jacquard dress have to be three of my most favoured on the list. These would all make the perfect spring/summer staples as they could easily be layered as well as worn alone. The beautiful colour and quality of the floral skirt caught my eye especially (and it even comes with a matching jacket, eeek). I reckon it would become the prompt for holiday shopping as that’s the first thing I’d pop into my suitcase. I’m determined to tone down my holiday outfits this year; no more bright pinks, loud multi prints and most importantly, no more purchasing of something that won’t be used again for the rest of the non existent summer we usually get gifted in the UK.

Does anyone else seem to have an abundant addiction to Zara, lately?

Bridie x