Wednesday Wishlist: Topshop new in

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Happy hump day! I hope you’ve made it this far through the week without wanting to strangle somebody. I often get those intense moods but you know what almost always solves the problem? A good Topshop browse. You can never have enough Topshop heaven in your life, especially as the new stock starts to pile in and radiate the shoppers happiness within. I had a sneaky peek in my local store the other day and discovered there’s lots for me to rave about, some of which I’ve not yet managed to find online yet. The variety of prints gracing the shelves at the moment is forming a battle between my love for minimal, and my audacious side to go bold!


In a nutshell, I’m loving: collared shirts, pinafore dresses, slouchy coats, everything wrap shaped, more stripes than imaginable and a differentiation of colour. Those soon to be blogger staple shoes have also got me all heart eyed, I’m dying to find a cheaper duplicate so if anybody knows of any, be sure to let me know.


Bridie x