Wednesday Wishlist: Motel Rocks


Motel Rocks is one of those blogger cliche clothing providers that I’ve never really found myself attached to. The store certainly has that edgy, eclectic uniqueness to it but I think it’s the mixed bag of heavy patterns and the grunge prints that I’ve stayed away from in fear of looking like I’ve flown in from Mars and am completely clueless on how to dress the risky pieces. Lately, however, I’ve grown to love the coveted styles, especially the vintage trends and the oversized garments with the 70’s vibe. The shirt dresses scream out comfort for me, and with denim and khaki being bang on trend, you wouldn’t have to worry about being outdated. Same goes for the bell sleeved items, like the zig zag, hippy style crop top and dress (which is only made to be more purchase persuasive by a few of my favourite bloggers rocking the look). 

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with stripes; from plain pinstripe, to vertical, to all round Breton stripes. I am in absolute love with the two piece jacket and short combination, it’s the perfect cross between feminine and masculine. Motel actually have plenty of mismatch clothing with the same print as this and I can see myself slowly giving in to the lust as the days pass by. As it’s only 3 and a half months until I go away, I’m also thinking about the outfits I’m going to put together and force down into my suitcase (having one for everyday isn’t good when there’s a luggage limit!). The halter neck dresses and pretty floral a-line dresses are striking for me this season, nice and lightweight and the type of dress you can sling on after a sweaty day of sunbathing turns into a clean, fresh shower full of goodness.

Is Motel Rocks a site you regularly visit? What’re your favourite pieces at the moment?

Bridie x