Wednesday Wishlist: going crazy for cacti


It isn’t just in your home, placed symmetrically on your Ikea shelves as you struggle to figure out just how often you should water them; nope, the cactus trend is everywhere at the moment. As much as I love the interior addition, I’m also warming to the quirky designs and emblems featuring on the latest garments, from basic t-shirts, to a pair of socks with a difference! There’s not much else I can say about cacti, apart from the fact they look full of character wherever they appear and that if you’re wearing one on your body then you’re automatically on the run to cowboy life, SO without further ado, I roamed the internet and collected my best selection for you to awe over (I don’t know whether to class the items as cool or cute, you decide!).

Are there any other cactus print pieces you’ve come across lately? Are you digging this trend?

Bridie x