Wednesday Wishlist: Forever 21


I’ve always had a soft spot for Forever 21, it’s such an affordable place to shop and you can find some really lovely, versatile key pieces to add to your wardrobe. Unfortunately, there’s still no sight of one being built around my area so online shopping it is. The only problem being, they sell out super quick so if you see something, it’s best not to hesitate in purchasing because before you know it you’ll be cursing yourself over the fact you have to solemnly let go of the item you grew attached to (I swear I have this fear of missing out so have to regularly browse for updates!).

I feel like on every Wednesday Wishlist it’s just going to be me blathering on about how I can’t wait to wear clean cut clothing without the winter layers and how being a minimalist is my newly, improved taste but that’s the drill, that’s me and I’ll never get bored of developing my sense of style and hunting for the perfect staples. I tried to step away from black this time (apart from the dreamy pointed loafers which are so my thing at the moment, and the faux leather skirt purely because of the fine floral embroidery) and included more fresh looking, cream, white, light greys and stripes and some beigy nudes which I think will be the high alert trends and my favoured neutral shades going into spring. The longline waistcoat particularly caught my eye, I can definitely see myself wearing that on a number of occasions; as I can with the nautical inspired stripe dress and the roll neck sweater dress. Not only do they look extremely comfortable but they’re stylish on their own without you having to make much effort. The only pick that doesn’t match the corresponding description is the paneled blouse for the simple reason, high necks and lace combined are my weakness especially when they have that touch of classy for when I want to release my inner chic. 

You’ll have probably noticed I’m constantly focusing on the non-bold type prints and sticking to plain. I keep having a sort out of my wardrobe every few weeks, deciding I have to go with my head not my heart, think about the garments I won’t wear again and never will wear, despite me hesitating whether or not to get rid forever. I am slowly improving and it’s only reflecting my love for the basics even further. And if that’s not enough, Forever 21 currently have 21% off full price items with code ‘SAVE21’ until midnight tonight. Will I ever save money? No is the answer. Gah.

Have you had your eye on anything in particular at the moment?

Bridie x