Wednesday Wishlist: August Festival Fashion Season

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August is already living up to its expectations; drizzle, dullness, the buzz of summer wearing off as we frantically browse the autumn tag on pinterest but one thing that doesn’t fade quickly is the festival hype. Festivals occur from June right up until September and it’s probably my favourite time of year – not because I actually attend (huge enclosed drunken crowds, bad hygiene, sleeping rough, not for me I’m afraid) but because I like to admire from afar (or should I say my cosy front room). There’s nothing better than putting your feet up with a cuppa exploring the diversity of style from festivals all over the world, whilst the background music of perspired Chris Martin singing flows gracefully in your ear.


Festival season also allows me to reflect the hippy vibes into my blog planning and of course it had to be a Wednesday Wishlist hit.  If you’re residing in a location which requires travelling you don’t want to be bombarded with clothing and equipment, because let’s be honest you’ll already be fed up of trailing a tent with the weight of hidden booze down your trousers, and it’s the staple statements that really count. It’s best to pack lightly so you’re not adding to the already cluster of mess but it can be difficult keeping the necessary essentials to a minimum. Today, I’m gonna point out the twelve basic starters I think would be useful to add your tick list and I hope it helps…


1. A traditional garment | for me, a festival has to include a traditional representative piece – the kind that you find on every website as soon as the first show is announced.  The meaning of that is unique to every individual but for me it means busy, printed, warm coloured attire with a highlighted pattern and an off the shoulder or high neck finish. I love paisley, I love border print and I love stripes. Obviously.


2. A backpack | the main associate, the star of the show, the item that will carry your entire belongings in as you go about your day. A backpack is a great idea because it’s all confined into a decent sized bag with many compartments that can be attached to you at all times without you even realising. Whether you want to typically fling it on to your back or carry it manually with the alternative carry handle and shoulder straps – the door is left open (or not, as it usually is just all grass).


3. Sunglasses | okay, so you may expect little to no sun but it’s always ideal to arrive guarded and protected. Not only are your eyes fragile and your face delicate but you don’t want the blinding sun being a barrier to your band view. There’s unlimited choice on the market, and you can go as extreme as you like – from plain circular, to cat eye, to wacky geometric shapes. Probably best to stock up on the suncream too, just in case of a miracle.


4. A slip dress |  a simple cami dress in a neutral shade gives you a basis for styling as you desire. Jazz it up or tone it down as much as you want by placing funky tees underneath, typical festival crochet detail, jewellery and some conspicuous accessories. It’s a versatile piece that will enable you to mix and match as you please and not have to worry about wearing the same thing twice.


5. A rain mac | this is vital, of course. It’s guaranteed the heavens are going to open up at least once – probably as your favourite act walks on stage tbh – so it’s best to be prepared. A waterproof jacket not only keeps the residue away from your worn out torso but it keeps you warm as the temperatures start to cool and an extra layer is better than poking someone’s eye out with your umbrella.


6. A band/slogan tee | you commit the ultimate festival faux pas if you don’t take a slogan tee along with you, or at least that’s how it seems. You’ll always spot a well fitted or oppositely oversized tee rocking the audience atmosphere wherever you turn and it doesn’t matter what the gender. A catchy quote that has people staring at your chest area or a retro band tee that pairs well with the genre of the music. After-all, that is the headliner.


7. Dungarees | so they may not be the most practical choice for the not so pleasant portable toilets (having to strip off half naked to wee means you’re digging yourself into a bigger hole) but they’re just such a cute, popular triviality. When you picture dungarees at a festival, you think french braids, a sizeable pair of sunnies, a graphic vest and red lipstick skipping sweetly hand in hand with your best girl friend as you soak in the cheeriness. You’ll have an instagram field day in a pair of stone washed, ripped hem, pocketed dungarees – I promise!


8. Ankle boots | boots are always a sensible and safe choice no matter what the weather, right? A sturdy pair in a lightly toned shade (or black, there’s always black) that will compliment any outfit decision are a must have. Wellies are of course the sovereign but if you feel like switching it up a notch, some leather or canvas with a walk-able heel is your answer.


9. A statement choker | if you like to make an entrance, or just want to transform an ordinary outfit into something more wild, then your choker choice is important. They’re a festival cliche but bang on trend at the moment and pair well with anything from a low neck t-shirt to a crop top, to a whimsical dress. My motto is: the bigger, prettier and more colourful they are, the better at drawing attention to your features it is.


10. Denim shorts | the easy option, the effortless throw on item. It wouldn’t be a festival journey if you didn’t take a pair of denim shorts along with you and the great thing is, it doesn’t just stop at one type. Various shades of blue, more vibrant shades, signature fits, distinct styles, cuts and lengths and pretty add on detail for that extra boost.


11. Head wear | carry sunglasses to protect your eyes, and take a hat to cover your head. The collections on show are endless; baseball caps, baker boy hats, fedoras, even straw hats – it will be the final extension to your perfected outfit masterpiece (and an absolutely fantastic disguise for a bad hair day in a place you’re unable to act out your usual wash routine). A hat can save your skin, literally.


12. Maxi dress | there’s something about a floating maxi dress beneath the gentle wind of a field in the open air that screams out elegant and feminine. The sheer fabric gives you room to breathe and provides the comfort you’ll be eager to devour once you’ve been on your feet more than 12 hours!


What’s on your festival list? Are you attending any festivals in these upcoming months?

Bridie x