Wednesday Wishlist: dressing for the party season

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Ignoring the fact it’s now Thursday (it’s just a day late due to my dreadful time keeping), my Wednesday Wishlist is one to round off the season. With Christmas being tomorrow *squeal* and New Years Eve to follow, it’s the time we all start to prioritize outfit shopping. Christmas shopping done (well I hope so at this point), now to move on to me, myself and I. If you’re the sort of person to lounge about in a Christmas jumper and your new pyjamas whilst stuffing your face with turkey on Christmas Day, then party season is the perfect excuse to glam up and recover from all the festivities. There’s so much on the market; glitzy jumpsuits, statement skirts and extravagant tops but I always tend to head towards the dresses as the simple slip on and sparkle (because party jumpsuit just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?!).


I never over-do it NYE. In fact, I never over-do it all. It’s always a meal out and quiet get together because in all honesty, I’m not one for staying out on the lash with a bunch of drunk strangers when the clock strikes midnight. Doesn’t mean I’m not gonna inject some glamour into my wardrobe choice, though. The hardest part is probably finding a dress that meets the smart-casual criteria as there’s so many ‘wow’ pieces in the shop. A little extreme – in your face won’t harm on the last day of the year though, right? From fringing, to glitter, to beaded sequins, to lace, puffball bottoms, halternecks and shift style silhouettes, I’ve just about included everything in my top 20. I’m loving the quality detailing and complimenting structure that is bound to impress wherever you end up; even if it’s just for yourself. If you feel pretty then that’s all that matters.


Have you got your party dress sorted?


Bridie x