Wednesday wishlist: did someone say hats?


My love for and reliance on hats is almost worldwide news now (sarcasm highly intended). When I first discovered a good basic hat surprisingly suited my odd head shape, and when I finally took the stride and plucked up the courage to display said hats in public, I never expected to be known as the ‘girl with the hat’ (which strangely sounds like a horror movie but we’ll forget that). A range of fedoras have graced and gathered up in my wardrobe over the past couple of years and ever since, I’ve had nothing but compliments, strange hat obsessive humans, and now have people saying they don’t recognise me without my hat. It’s almost become an unintentional signature stamp on myself.

Hats are my saviour. Often I just plonk one on to rescue a bad hair day or when my roots need re-colouring but most of the time, I choose to wear one because I love the effect they give. I honestly think they can bring an outfit alive and it gives you a chance to rock that bohemian look all day, every day, and throughout any season. I’m currently in need of some new hats as the others I own have become flat (probably from odd head shape mentioned above) and I feel like I need to venture out into the world of different colours and styles. I started off with bowlers and fedoras but I’m willing to overstretch the mark and try out some floppy, wide brim and even slightly pointed. There’s some lovely ones around at the moment, especially as the festival season moves in. Personally, I think the high street is the best place to shop for your desires. Whether you’re after plain black, nude or even all out with a red or blue, there’s something for everyone! 

Are you a hat wearer? Where’s your favourite place to shop for hats?

Bridie x