Wednesday Wishlist: cape magic


I’ll be the first to hold my hands up and admit I often jump on the bandwagon to the latest trends. It is questionable whether I’m able to conduct a style goal but I like to at least attempt it, just to say I gave it a go (and probably profoundly failed whilst doing so).

The cape jacket which is taking this autumn/winter by storm is rapidly growing on me. I see so many iconic bloggers and vloggers looking amazing in them and it’s got me turning to my favourite stores to figure out whether I can pick out ‘the one’. Turns out the cape is a popular choice; whether you want it plain, printed, a casual design, more formal, a blazer style, a poncho approach or a singular garment with the intention of keeping you warm and cosy, they have it all. 

I think they’re such a great alternative to a bulky jacket. Although the super cold weather is unfortunately returning, they’re ideal to pair with an already long sleeved jumper to double the thickness. I mean in all honesty, who doesn’t want to feel like they’re wrapped in a blanket? (Even if our arms do sort of feeling like they just hang there). As we swiftly move on to the end of the year (yikes), the more layers the better! And if I even manage to appear remotely classy-chic, then that’s an even bigger bonus. 

Have you moved to that cape side of fashion yet?

Bridie x