Viva Gazinskaya at Avenue 32

Designer clothes, the norm for celebrities and the breaking of the bank for the regular fashionistas of today. I’m no expert on designers but I’m certainly a lover of browsing around designer websites to check out and aspire the latest style inspiration and when I find them, they’re just too irresistible for me to ignore. Avenue 32 is a website I’ve just recently discovered and it fits the whole criteria for me, it is packed with independent designers both new and established which emerge to show off their own original, elegant way of adding a huge tint of class to your luxury wardrobe.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me here when I say this Autumn/Winter the trends are incredible. From checked, to embroidered, to leather, to pastels. It is varied in structure but they all share the same approach. As soon as I came across Viva Gazinskaya and their Autumn/Winter 2013 collection I was struck with adoration. The detail of the clothing is stunning and can only be described as classic feminine garments with that extra twist which would be picture perfect once worn. Viva is a Russian designer who has worked her way up in the industry with the development of fashion blogs. She is best known for her couture like take on ready-to-wear items that are mesmerizing, putting many people under its spell. I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Putting the price tags aside, I was sucked into a world of fairy tale, dream like clothing just by valuing the extravagant characteristics. Her personal style became a street phenomenon as her career began and there’s no doubt in my mind why this happened. Shutting off from the reality of what I can afford, I pictured myself with an extremely successful lifestyle on a day to day basis looking uber chic as I paced gracefully through the busy streets of London on a Monday morning smiling politely at the citizens who compliment me on my amazing street style taken to another level (everyone has those moments of pretend, right?)

Cream Silk Bows Blouse // Grey Wool Necklace Top // Grey Wool Flared Skirt // Monochrome Diamond Print Coat

Moving on from the hefty prices, I don’t have to think twice about whether it is worth scraping your bank balance. The high quality and effort is outstanding and I was in utter awe when mentally adding these items to my imaginary list. The above picture shows just a few of my favourite picks from the collection. The Cream Silk Bows Blouse is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The 3D effect is enough to baffle and dazzle you at the same time, but it is in fact just a clever play on magnificent graphics. The fluid black lining does exist and the blouse is complete with the most beautiful bow detail on the back. It appears to be such a lovely smooth, floaty material and as shown on the listing, I could totally imagine pairing it with a black leather skirt to add that statement monochrome look to your outfit. The alluring neck line detail on the Grey Wool Necklace Top is the main appeal in this two piece outfit. Both being made from soft wool mean it’d be suitable for the colder months and ensure your comfort. However, both pieces are exceptionally versatile and can either be dressed up or down or even separated apart and paired with other minimal items you own. Personally, I think the Grey Wool Flared Skirt would look sensational with a simple but snazzy top, topped with a blazer and the flared skirt craze means it would then be perfectly acceptable for my wishes to come true and to swish my way through the streets of the capital. Now onto the Monochrome Diamond Coat which fluently spells out W-O-W. It is a definite statement piece and is always bound to turn heads when walking into a room. I am in love with the sophisticated but edgy print and the length of the coat which highlights, pinpoints and finishes off your outfit.

Reviewing this wishlist before I press post, I even realised that these items put together would fabricate a remarkable outfit. Whether that be matching the blouse with the skirt and the coat or the two piece outfit with the coat or even adding your own individual style to pair one or two items with the vibrant coat; that being your main focus. The colours and the overall designs of the clothing are right up my street and despite not being too in your face and over patterned, still catch my eye to a heightened extent. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and taking in the juicy goodness of designer innovation and do let me know if there’s any particular designers you’re loving at the moment. Now, where’s the number to take out a loan…

Lots of love…

* this is a sponsored post