Yellow Jeans


No, you’re not dreaming. This really is me making an effort to venture back into the world of fashion blogging; leaving my local area behind and heading into town to seek out some more appropriate shooting locations (and when I say appropriate locations, I mean down a cobbled side street so I can hide away from the probing stares!).


The summer season has always been the season where I’ve lacked sartorial inspiration and found dressing to my troubled self confidence very awkward and this year has, quite frankly, been a nightmare. It’s not been your usual predictable rainy early teen-digit temperature kind of weather where we get two days of warmth for it to then disappear, we’ve actually had a proper summer – humidity, 25 degrees+ blazing sunshine, sunburn to follow, the scent of BBQ’s lodged permanently in your senses, too many Oreo ice cream sandwiches (okay, that’s probably just me) and general glorious days that remain pleasant from morning until night. Don’t mistake this for complaining. I’m certainly not unhappy about this concept in the slightest and I wish the forecast did keep at a steady pattern because it makes it so much easier to get out of bed on a morning but I’ve been finding myself at war with my wardrobe in the nature of the heat. As much as I’d love to be one of those insta babes with their vintage shorts, tiny crop tops and luscious legs for days, that just ain’t me and never will be. I like layering my way through impetuous creation, and I like to cover up my pasty, not-so-in-shape limbs so truthfully, putting together a suitable outfit has become somewhat of a chore.



This is where Topshop comes into the picture. My one true coveted saviour 365 days a year, but especially in the summer. The pieces available at the minute are my favourite kind – colourful and kitschy, shying away from the ordinary and adding some serious distinctive detail to attire that can so easily just blend in to the background. I jumped out of my comfort zone without hesitation with these gorgeous yellow wide leg jeans and it paid off because I am in total love (in fact I don’t think I’ve ever loved a pair of jeans in my whole 24 years of living). Yellow’s fast become a current thing, and I’m not sure when it ended up being all the rage but I’m not turning my nose up. I’ve discovered the flaxen shade does surprisingly suit me and best of all it even manages to match my blonder hair colour which was yet another attempt at switching my soulless appearance I so readily get bored of. They’re such a fresh, unwonted, alternate change from my atypical black, dark blue or lightwash denim and are the perfect fit. Alright so my genetically wide hips make them crinkle at the top (damn you, mother) and like always I flounder when rising them over my bum but when they’re on they appear slender, the cut off edging allows my ankles to breathe and most importantly they’re comfortable and cool without suffocating me.



You know what else is awesome at this time of year? The Topshop sale, and that’s exactly where I picked up this crossover pyjama shirt for a bargain £15. Paired with my Saint Laurent dupes – sunglasses that make me feel as though I’ve just stepped out of a 1960s movie – it’s become my fail safe feminine meets retro combination for when I’m all out of ideas.


What’s your ideal summer outfit?


Bridie x



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