My favourite Instagram accounts: the ones to follow

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m completely and utterly in love with Instagram. Aside from blogs themselves, it’s the place I gather and gain most of my inspiration from and is a valuable source for a good percentage of my traffic. The idea that tiny pieces of your whole life can be squeezed into an idyllic square (or with the new, commendable feature – a horizontal and vertical shape) is insanely fabulous, and the fact a particular perception can attract users from all over the world is just as rewarding. There’s nothing that brings more joy to my vision than a recurrent theme of beautiful photography, witty captions and quintessential flatlays – even if it does bring serious envy of all kinds of structure.

There’s never too much support within the social-media community. I think it’s important to share the love, spread some positivity and let someone know just how admirable you believe they are. Everyone needs to be reminded what a great job they’re doing now and again! I follow over a thousand accounts on Instagram so unsurprisingly, choosing between the numerous engaging pages was pretty difficult but I did it – I managed to narrow it down to just 20 – all a mixture of fashion, beauty, interiors, travel, and general lifestyle of which they manage to capture the essence perfectly.

One: Megan from asos_megan/meganellaby

Megan’s style is absolutely faultless, her outfit of the days are my go to when I’m lost for inventiveness. Her Insta posts alone are enough to dare me to think out of the box! Not to mention when she’s not gracing me with her delightful inner fashionista on both accounts, her local trips, cups of coffee and travelling antics are enough to keep me drawn in.

Two: Kate from kate.lavie

Name me someone who DOESN’T think that Kate is the goddess of dreamy imagery? Her house is stunning from top to bottom and her interior photos make me want to buy a property of my own just to design my space just like hers. Also, Mouse the cat is possibly the cutest animal addition ever.

Three: Carrie from wishwishwish

Another one of my long term and firm favourites. Carrie’s account is the one I check on a daily basis just to get my fix of ravishing, fixated photographs blessed with a touch of authenticity. Whether she’s caught off guard or the images are well thought through, her life seems a marvel period of wanderlust and I’d love to be her for the day. 

Four: Arabella from arabellagolby

Just how does she do it? Arabella is the classiest of ladies with the name and the heavenly bright white theme to go with it. Whether you want pancakes, flowers, designer brands, London architecture or sophisticated style, she has it all. AND her door appreciations give me serious satisfaction. 

Five: Emilie from clubofexplorers

Following Emilie on her worldly adventures often almost feels like I’m right there with her. My list of places to visit lengthens when I’m viewing her picture process as she manages to show all the simplistic beauty in its awe. 

Six: Kristina from kristinawilde

I’m a sucker for an array of makeup pieces, garments and homeware that just scream out luxury and that’s just what Kristina provides. The almost analogue meets airy feel her Instagram gives is beautiful, just like her. She rocks berets and sunnies like no other. 

Seven: Jessie from wethepeoplestyle

Based in Paris, Jessie sends me on a journey of lust and desire for the city I wish to reside with her gorgeous, clean cut snapshots. Her minimalistic style and her selection of opulent coats also make me want to reinvent my wardrobe immediately. 

Eight: Kirsty from labelsforlunch

As much as I love my all white, one dimensional feeds, there’s nothing like a colourful sequence to brighten up your day and labelsforlunch does just that. Filled with pretty seaside photos and carefully matched decorations, it gives off such a warm, happy vibe and is different from the ordinary. 

Nine: Jess from porthjess

The one aspect I love about Jess’s feed is how she’s found charm in her home city and continued to discover those hidden gems the average public could take for granted everyday. Specialising in richly colourful scenes along the harbour, she never fails to impress and with each upload, I’m seriously pining to visit the cultural hub.

Ten: Sarah from srhmikaela

Sarah’s stated saturated lifestyle is fulfilling to the soul. She gives off such a cool, chilled aura and makes me analyse my dullness. If you want a needful amount of captivating buildings, food and drink pit stops, and effortless fashion – then her insta is the place to be.

Eleven: Angela from thesundaychapter

In my eyes, Angela’s insta feed is one of the most underrated. Not only am I completely smitten by her strive for life, but the way she captures not only her home town of sunny Australia, but various other exquisite destinations sparks the summer blues and need for travelling.

Twelve: Kate from witanddelight_

Kate totally lives in the moment – whether that’s photographing all her business locations, her wake up calls, brunch or her divinely organised home; I’m hooked! Her Instagram gives me the impression she’s a lot more put together than I ever will be. 


Thirteen: Polina from polabur

Most of my best rated Instagram accounts are international based, and Polabur is no exception. Situated in Amsterdam with a Russian background, Polina provides tons of diversity and makes me want to jump on a plane right away (as well as making me super hungry with her exceptional meal set ups).


Fourteen: Elena from elenabazu

I’m a sucker for some latte art and Elena distributes plenty of that. Living in NYC and vacating around the US she takes my bucket list to another level. Yellow cabs, busy cities, monumental buildings, landmarks, Californian blue skies and breathtaking views – someone whisk me off to America, please.

Fifteen: Isabella from isabellath

Isabella is another ASOS idol of mine. Her old-school, effortlessly chic personal style leaves so much room for creativity and compacted with the win win objects; flowers, cars, coffee and distinctive houses, her insta feed is elevating. Also, she has the nicest hair and loveliest of faces.

Sixteen: Various designers from homepolish

If there’s one account that sends me off into an interior daydream and a mindful state of hoping I win the lottery to purchase a huge house with huge windows to match, homepolish is the one. The designers contributing to the page make me wish I had half their talent and innovation.


Seventeen: Sophie from sophiesvob

Sophie’s photography skills are enchanting to say the least; throughout every season inanimate objects come alive through her ability to freeze frame nature in all its beauty. I mean just look at all that magical outdoor lighting and that use of blur.

Eighteen: Emma from emmakateco

Emma’s feed is the definition of cute – I just LOVE photos that have that light, bouncy, natural feel to them. It’s almost like she tells a story without even having to try. 

Nineteen: Elsie and Emma from abeautifulmess

Elsie and Emma’s partnership to bring nothing but prestige quality is so uplifting. abeautifulmess is another colour bursting, tropical delight delivering feed I always turn to when I require some vibrancy. From crafts, to baking, to settling sites – you’re never let down.

Twenty: prettylittlelondon

Finally, we have an only newly discovered feed that has risen straight to the top. Prettylittlelondon gathers tagged photos of the mesmerising capital city into one scene but they’re not just your average photo – these pictures capture London in all its glory and remind us all just why the hype for tourism exists.

Do you have any particular favourite Instagram accounts? Go ahead and link me over as I’m always open to discovering some newness! 

Bridie x