How To Pack and Prepare Your Summer Holiday Outfits

The build up to a holiday abroad is, in my eyes, one of the best parts. The thought of taking a trip out of reality to a placid place with only unwinding relaxation, scorching sunshine, photo opportunities and the exploration of exciting locations on your to-do list is enough to boost your spirits no matter what’s going on around you but of course, with a holiday comes organisation and with organisation comes a bedroom resembling a warehouse, clothes piled up in a measly sized suitcase with a cram and hope it doesn’t exceed the luggage limit mantra and a last minute panic on if you’ve managed to gather enough unique, appropriate, contemporary fashion to fill your insta content for the fortnight.

As thrilling as it is, emptying your wardrobe of all your new clobber – summer dresses, bright colours and those denim shorts that actually flatter your bum opposed to drowning it – throwing them into your suitcase without a plan of action can become stressful. As a self confessed outfit obsessive, I find pre-preparing for a holiday, making a list and checking it twice, is the direction to follow when you want to avoid a nightmare situation. I’ll be the first to admit choosing a narrowed down version of the new season looks is bloody hard and as an (impractical) style blogger the need for a whole lot of choice overpowers my sense of wisdom. The struggle between desiring an outfit for every night and travelling light is real but these tips might just help you in finding the right disposition.

Prioritise | First thing’s first, you need to prioritise your preferences and focus on the items that you know for sure will be worn. It’s easy to overload and forget just how much you really own but obviously, there’s not enough hours in a day to wear everything you’ve picked and you can’t afford to be held up at customs with an oversized, near bulging case and a threat of excess baggage charges. If they tick the boxes of comfortable, blendable and bearable it’s almost always a yes; anything that doesn’t have a specific use doesn’t need to accommodate you.

Basic essentials | If you haven’t got the primary staples in there somewhere, it’s time to rethink a different approach. Often you’ll find sticking with a bunch of ordinary pieces will favour you more than the various patterns you’re attempting to mix it up with. There’s nothing a basic can’t be paired with so it’s unlikely you’ll fail in that department.

Versatility | The above leads me on to the second stage and that’s the multipurpose, fashion forward items injected into your outfit designing. If it’s not flexible and you can’t wear it with two (or three) varied combinations, then don’t add it in there. Transitional pieces you can wear from day to night with just the switch up of accessories or a swap of a simple choice are significant in the process. For example, a floaty blouse would be perfect as a light layer on an evening and a beach cover up in the daytime. The same goes for shoes, a good pair of heels in a neutral shade will look great with anything. If there’s no way it will extend just a one off ensemble, there’s no point in wasting precious room. 

Minimal accessories | It isn’t just the clothes you need to be considering, it’s the accessories that come with; the hats, the sunglasses, the jewellery, even the neck scarves. Once again, the first principle is whether it will be able to be joined in union with the majority of your holiday wardrobe and from there on you can choose wisely. You do only need a few extras like a gold layered necklace, a classic fedora and a pair of black sunnies but you’re able to wing it a little further with this one as if there’s nothing sharp in your assortment to prevent you, you can pack them in your hand luggage.

Colour palette | Your mini capsule holiday wardrobe begins with a suitable and trustworthy colour palette that resembles the summer vibe but also isn’t too OTT for you to work with. I tend to opt for the whites, nudes and blacks (never getting away from the black) as they are super effortless but the warmer colours would be just as effective. Oranges, reds and pinks look gracious with a tan and represent what a holiday is all about. Stick to no more than three shades and you’ll find your entire wardrobe is completed to a standard you’re pleased with. 


Think rationally | It’s always best to recap your first instincts as you can get carried away when the initial packing begins. If you wouldn’t wear it at home, you won’t wear it on holiday. Think to yourself, what do I really need? Is taking three of the same/similar looking t-shirts really necessary? Am I just bringing this item in case I decide it takes my fancy and I regret leaving it back home or will it just get shoved to the back of the hotel drawers? How long am I realistically going for? Am I carrying way more than I’ll be able to show off? Will I definitely wear it or is it just for convenience? It’s common logic to scrap the profuse gear. For example, you might feel the urge to overload your day wear but if realistically you’re gonna be sat in a bikini from morning till early evening then there’s no point. My motto is: take less than you need because it’s guaranteed you’ll be problem free and it challenges your style game as you’re lead to think out of the box.

Pack together | The layout and arrangement of your outfits is just as important as your selection. Place each outfit neatly folded as a whole and separate from each other. Build up the scenarios of your holiday events – occasion wear on one side, casual wear on the other. You could even go all out and move over from your bed to your luggage in order of sequence which will balance out the co-ordination. By doing this you’ll realise your trivial errors and shift until you’re on the correct path to victory.

My holiday is just around the corner and surprisingly my own advice has been useful. Now, I’m just looking forward to strutting my stuff in the Spanish air!

How do you plan your holiday wardrobe?

Bridie x


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