This Is My Great Escape

LASER CUT TOP – New Look // SHORTS – Uniqlo // SHOES – ASOS // RUCKSACK – Matalan // BRACELETS – Forever 21 & Primark

Hello there! I’m more than a month late on displaying this outfit to the world but life being life, was a barrier along the way. I can’t believe it will be 6 weeks tomorrow since I jetted off to Florida when it only seems like yesterday. I thought whilst the sun is sticking around and you can still brave shorts and a strapless top throughout the day before summer is over and done with, it was best to share this outfit with you.

This is what I travelled in when we were sitting through a 9 hour flight. Luckily, it was warm here so I didn’t have to have the ‘I don’t want to be too cold in England but too hot when I arrive’ debate with myself but I know that can be a problem for me (and most likely many other people) which is why I think it’s important to just concentrate on the comfort instead of adding more stress onto the preparation of a holiday. Comfort is exactly what I went for with loose fit, cool clothing that I can relax in and not be too bustled up with. Even so, you can always layer it up with an extra item of clothing ‘just in case’ like a cardigan or a jumper and even a spare pair of tights.

The rucksack was my saviour for the entire duration of my holiday (especially to carry the necessities around the parks) and once again, I cooed over my favourite vintage floral style. I purchased this quite a while back actually but it’s been a comeback item for most of the summer as well as the shorts which I can’t seem to sever myself away from.

Has anyone else had a favourite summer accessory or piece of clothing they’ve found themselves repeatedly lusting over? I find myself doing that almost every year.

Lots of love...