Life: a day out in Scarborough

The Yorkshire Coast has always held a place in my heart with a dozen childhood memories safely stored there, so when I was kindly asked along to stay at just one of the best Scarborough hotels on the market (believe me) I couldn’t not revisit one of my favourite places before I relaxed for the night; especially on such a beautiful, sunny day which I was luckily blessed with during a rainy November. Taking my darling mum along with me for a well needed weekend break, we caught the train down early morning to make the most of the day and were able to take advantage of all the hidden treasures I’d often pushed to the back of my mind previously.

The seaside for me is all about enjoying and soaking up the fresh air, being able to roam freely whether that be with your special someone, your friends or on a big family road trip and Scarborough represents this profoundly. In my eyes, there’s nothing better than tradition; walks along the sea front, gambling your life away on the 2p machines, indulging in an obscene amount of candyfloss and spending way too much money on sticks of rock and clotted cream fudge. Taking in the five human senses, the sounds, the sights, the smells, the touch, the taste; fresh donuts and waffles baking, seagulls cawing whilst swooping down and pinching your fish and chips, visiting the speciality gift shops, hearing children’s laughter on the funfair and the street sellers urging you to buy their cockles. It’s such a great feeling spending time somewhere so simple yet so satisfying to nature.  

As it was mid November, unsurprisingly it wasn’t as lively as it would be in the summer but don’t let that stop you from being entertained. There’s plenty of things to do on a short stay in Scarborough, so much so that you’d need more than a few days to experience everything on offer. Whether it’s shopping you fancy, you’re more the exploring kind, or if you prefer just to chill out and admire the gorgeous views from the walkway; it caters for everybody of any age.

The typical tourist areas tend to resonate closely together. There’s the beautiful green gardens in Peasholm Park and the South Cliff Italian Gardens, the history side of town at Scarborough Castle, Rotunda Museum, and the Art Gallery. The main central area includes your high street shops along with some independent gems and there’s plenty of places to eat both in the city and along the sea, whether it be a pub meal you fancy or just a lunchtime snack. There’s the landlocked harbour where you can take fishing and boat trips and the old town where the houses situate closely together and the lighthouse can be seen from birds eye view. There’s even music and theatre venues at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough Open Air Theatre and the stunning The Spa grounds. The long stretching beach zone is without a doubt the best part; it divides into the North and South Bay. The South Bay containing the busy beach life; amusement arcades, ice-cream spots and donkey rides and The North Bay being more of a quiet, pleasant place with the cliffs, rock pools, beach huts, and even the railway attraction. We didn’t go that far but I still remember some happy moments spent there. 

Truthfully, I never realised how full of activity Scarborough was. I’m grateful of my short morning visit as I found beauty in the architecture . Anyone would have thought we were abroad with the bright blue skies and the rippling. reflective sea. It really was a lovely day and it made me even more proud to be from Yorkshire (where nothing but the best is produced).

Have you visited Scarborough?

Bridie x