Personal: things that made me happy in March

Happy, happy Friday! Serious question guys, where on earth has this week gone? We’re already a week into April and I’ve only just got round to having a real rigorous reflection on last month and the ups and downs it’s brought. Truthfully, the majority of March brings unwanted pain and grievance and hits like a ton of bricks. It’s not just the anniversary of family deaths, it’s the flooded memories that are conveyed as soon as March hits because I know what’s approaching and I know how rebellious my mind can be BUT thankfully, there’s still been some uplifting moments to hold me up right and stay sane (or at least the slightest bit sane, anyway).

I’m enjoying the satisfaction of reviewing my monthly happiness, in short it’s almost used as a coping strategy when I’m feeling lost. It’s a small fraction of possible daily motivational boost but it helps because reading back on my blog – the one place I’m easy at opening up – means when life is getting me down there’s always something to be grateful for and that’s important for a pessimist like me.

Easter | I’m coming up 23 years old yet the idea of Easter still excites me. With the confectionery companies going all out to ensure every chocolate bar ever released is on the shelves in a £5 shell, it’s inevitable really. The fact chocolate bizarrely tastes even more heavenly when it’s in the shape of an egg is a life question I’ll never find the answer to and of course it feeds my sweet tooth, even when I shouldn’t be naughty. However, it’s not just the chocolate (surprisingly). For me, Easter defines Spring; the yellow and green colour grid, the growing daffodils and the little chicks, along with the cute, family Easter Egg hunts, activities and pride in religion. It’s actually quite comforting and without a doubt my favourite time of year.

It’s officially British Summertime | okay, so the weather’s still making me feel like I’m in winter but the clocks going forward at the end of the month was the start of a new chapter. I’m revelling in the light nights and being able to obsessively binge watch and analyse the soaps before all natural daylight erases. Plus, it’s allowing more time to shoot blog photos and is leading on to me planning a bunch of posts I’m eager to put my all into – even if it does send me into a confused ‘what time is it?’ frenzy on a regular basis. 

Summer holiday | my yearly holiday to Spain I often babble on about? It’s finally booked, HOORAY. I’m still having this angel vs devil debate with myself on whether to purchase enough clothing and makeup to see me through the next 10 years never mind for 2 weeks in the sun, or to save up and actually pay off the holiday without being broke. As an over spender, it’s an issue I’m always undertaking but never the less, I can’t wait to fly off without a care in the world knowing I’ll be in my safe haven relaxing till the sun goes down, feeling 100% healthier with a golden glow and eating back the body weight I’m so desperately trying to lose. 

A hair revival  | it wasn’t anything drastic, but mid March I had my hair done and felt like a completely different woman after spending 5 hours in the hairdressers (nope, it isn’t just the achy bum I’m talking about, or the clouded thinking pattern after reading so many trashy magazines). There’s something about refreshing your colour and adding some shape, texture and life into your hair that makes you feel replenished; obviously having it all done for you is a bonus. The pampering hair washing and therapeutic reflection of your own hair being tended to is all part of the experience. It’s just a shame I can never get my hair back to how the professionals worked it! 

I’ve found inner comfort | I don’t know what it is that’s sparked inside of me over the past month, but I’ve stopped thinking of my differences and deep issues as problematic and negatively impacted on my character and abilities. Along with reading positive life quotes and reminders, I’ve had the urge to share personal expressions and sufferings in order to raise acknowledgement. My courage is building and hopefully you’ll see some of the intended on my blog agenda very soon (if I’m brave enough…)

Blog related events | past, present and upcoming, I don’t think I’ll ever not be overwhelmed by the lucky opportunities that swing my way all because this little space on the internet is recognised and people are genuinely interested in my input. It’s madness, both complimenting and spurring. There’s been a sudden increase in emails in the period of March and there’s some pretty invigorating stuff set to occur. I never used to have plans because I’m a dull bore with no friends but my diary is always filled with the freshest new event to attend now. It also means I’ve created a small but sturdy social circle within the local blogging community and not only are the events themselves exciting and intriguing, but catching up with familiar faces, meeting new people, putting a face to a social media handle and generally having a girly giggle is all part of the picture.  

Mum and daughter time | my mum is the most important person in my life, always has been and always will be. Not only is she my strength, my rock, but my best friend, too; the one who brings me flowers home when I’m feeling down and unwell, the one who worries about me until she bursts and constantly puts me first. We’re joined at the hip but we’re not always under the same roof when it comes to being together as a pair, actively choosing to go out just on our own to embrace in each other’s company. It happens but only a dozen times a year. On a rare day of no work for my mum and before what was to be a tough day for both of us, we headed off into town, had a shopping trip and a luxury coffee date partnered with a well needed gossip. That simple gesture alone was valuably pleasing to the soul and it made me appreciate her more than I already do!

This weekend’s gonna be busier than my usual stay in and watch yet more TV with no moral compass routine. I have a party tomorrow and a blog dedicated day on Sunday so potentially there could be room on the list for what will be my next segment of the ‘what made me happy this month’ series for the duration of April. Although, truthfully, I am pretty gutted I’ll be missing the first episode of brand new BGT! Such a saddo

Did you have a happy March?

Bridie x