Personal: things that made me happy in January

January’s been a funny old month, hasn’t it? They don’t call it blue January for no reason. There’s been some awful news and a severe lack of motivation my end; the loss of many iconic people, storms blasting the country, darkness all day, every day, being completely broke from Christmas, not to mention the sluggish, run down feeling of eating too much, not being able to improve the healthiness, and having nothing to look forward to. Quite honestly, I’m thankful for a fresh new chapter; February always seems like the month to be serious with the nitty gritty and by god, I’m so ready for spring. 

I’ve never done a generic ‘things that make me happy’ post before but those sort of posts are ones which I always love to read to bring some fresh, enlightening mood lifters to my often negative outlook. I think it’s important to reflect on those little elements that have perked you up when everything else around you feels like it’s crumbling, so much so that I may even make this a regular event on a monthly basis. To set yourself some time to focus on yourself and concentrate on those smiley moments always seems to let the happiness flow naturally. So – that’s what I’ll be aiming for. 

Winter days | January saw us receive the first bit of snow of the year (that vanished quicker than it arrived but let’s forget about that). It fell at the wrong time, as I was already snuggled up watching Take Me Out enjoying my one hour twenty of fascinating cringe, and I was too snowed under (pardon the pun) to enjoy the last thawing bits on Sunday morning which meant late night Saturday garden adventures were on and I was able to release my inner child without judgement. We’ve had some pretty cold days but at least it gave me the chance to take advantage of my indoor admiring, to sit in front of the fire, spend the weekend laying in bed until dawn and just generally lead the granny life I strive for. It makes winter that bit more bearable. 

Family time | I’m a real family girl, so there’s nothing that makes me happier than being in the company of the ones who mean the most. I feel like every month will be the same as 99% of the time I’m around my close knit family but as January falls, those wind down moments after the Christmas massacre become increasingly special. Whether it be sat on the sofa watching the soaps together, going out for food, or laughing at the reminiscing of memories. I’m so grateful in that aspect, to have my mum there to provide support, to have my grandma to wine and dine me and treat me like a queen, and for my brother to be my sideline in all that matters. 

Rekindling my love and enjoyments | At the end of the month, I headed off to the First Direct Arena to see Strictly Live! which was absolutely brilliant. If there’s anything that gets my adrenaline pumping, it’s a show; whether that be the theatre, a gig, or some dancing fun. I used to be a real fangirl with a circle of fangirl friends dedicating my life to many bands but as I’ve got older, that’s unfortunately fizzled out and I miss those innocent days. That’s why, when I have a show to attend, my happiness levels soar. Not only that, I got to see possibly one of the loveliest men on the planet wow the audience with his unbelievably underrated dancing talent and my heart almost burst with pride. Long story short: I developed a huge bond with The Wanted over 5 years of my youth, they gave me some of the best memories and a whole load of emotions which still occur even after their departure and that returned seeing Jay after so long. I totally wish I’d have tracked him down in the many hotels in Leeds as his bear hugs would’ve completed the night but hey, I’ll settle for the now and then. 

Seeing progress | In terms of my blog, January has been a great month. Numbers aren’t everything, I know, but it’s something I’m keen to improve and finding the inspiration to blog, to promote and interact with results to follow has been really satisfying, urging me to keep up the work. I’ve had the opportunity to team up with Stylefruits for my well received giveaway, I visited the Neal’s Yard Remedies store in the gorgeous VQ and I’ve had a few exciting emails for upcoming events and possible collaborations. Yay! 

Planning the year ahead | January can be extremely daunting, it feels as though it’s never ending and you have nothing but doom and gloom ahead of you. For the first few weeks, I was down in the dumps, feeling sorry for myself and feeling disconnected from the world but it was the thought of future occasions that pulled me out of my rut. There’s already talks of summer holidays and birthday plans, as well as my new found organisation in preparing blog content I can be excited about. 

Even after reading this back, I sense a shift in my attitude. My motto? Don’t let feeling like crap take over, hunt for those prosperous linings!

What’s made you happy this year?

Bridie x