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Well, would you look at that – another month has passed and we’re nearly half way through the year already (should I laugh or should I cry, who knows?!). April departed so fast, so much so that I’ve had to really think into depth when recapping on the moments and feelings that I’ve overcome. It’s nice to take a step back from the reality of a month that saw ambiguous snow turned to spring sunshine, the death of yet more iconic celebrities, the fuss of the queen’s birthday – and to tread into my world of contrastingly dull yet gratifying occasions for me personally. Truthfully, they’re one of my favourite posts to write!


Nature | spring is without a doubt my favourite season, especially mid April – you know, the whole ‘describe your perfect date: April 25th, because it’s not too hot and not too cold, all you need is a light jacket’ Miss Congeniality meta. Albeit you can’t avoid the April showers (or in our case, non stop rain, sleet, snow, wind, and sunshine all in the space of two hours) but it’s a time to breathe in the fresh air and reflect. It’s only recently we’re experiencing a mini heatwave but we did manage to grab a couple of pleasant t-shirt weather days and that alone was enough to make me appreciate the fantasizing change in seasons – the way the branches on the trees turn less morbid and more bloomed and blossomed, the organic beauty of earth, animals grazing, and the blue skies.


Being healthy | not only is the year travelling at full speed a scary thought, it’s a rapid realisation that my holiday abroad is less than two months away now so I have to get my fat butt into gear. Being super strict on myself has worked and now I’ve taken the big decision to stop my medication which most likely made me gain the weight, I’m finally noticing the body changing results. Intensely working out is tough and at times I feel like I’m genuinely on the verge of death but once I’ve done it, I feel pumped and proud. I’ve also become experimentative in the food department, adapting the 80/20 attitude and allowing myself one or two treats on the weekend, but really getting to grips with drinking enough water, quitting snacking, meal planning and tasting all these flavours I never knew existed in clean eating – and my skin, hair, nails and relatively flat stomach are reeling in the benefits. Now – to just remain good and keep it up whilst inevitably slipping off track!


Confidence | this kind of links with the above, and then again it also links in with my blog in general. There’s been another two amazing opportunities to arise in April that has contributed to the way I feel about myself; not only do I feel accepted and like my work I put in is being noticed but I’m also receiving luxury pampering and an improved appearance whilst doing so. I was lucky enough to have my hair transformed at the fabulous Yorkshire Blow Dry and I also completed my two week trial of the complimentary Minty Coco oil pulling formula which saw me smile brightly with my teeth for the first time in forever. I also used an open invite to SMEi’s Create The Look competition as an excuse to put my makeup skills to test and glam up as the lady in red – which ended up successful as I’m in the final ten YAY (vote for me here and I’ll love you forever). Who knew a trivial addition would impact on the way I hold myself?!


Being useful | once again, another addition to discovering this new outlook on how I’m more than just a spare part. Whether it was people calling upon me for help, allowing me to create a piece on their behalf, or food shopping for an elderly, disabled neighbour and being greatly appreciated with an adorably kind repayment (don’t you just admire and also condole with an isolated yet such a selfless type of human being) – it’s all a boost for my self esteem and it gives me the chance to recognise my positive parts instead of bringing myself down all the time.


Exclusive events | the blog related events keep rolling in which means I’ll never be short of fun and games. Unfortunately there is some I’m unable to attend but just receiving the invite is enough to make me feel adequately valued. My ultimate stand out event from last month was attending the press dinner at Cielo Blanco and cherishing the local food and drink gems in my hometown – it’s my first ‘formal’ sitting and tasting event and I couldn’t help but acknowledge my believed minor presence in the company of large bloggers, journalists and even radio presenters. Queen Bey, who?


Family gatherings | if there’s one thing I love the most, it’s spending time with my family. I mean, I’m almost always with my mum and grandma so I pass that off as an everyday, domesticated necessity but April saw me reaching out to the entirety of my close ones and beyond. My Auntie’s 50th birthday party proved how crazy yet irreplaceable my circle of relatives are, as did the cafe lunches in the weirdly late Easter half term. Laughing at inner jokes, having serious talk and eating together is aesthetically pleasing to the soul. As they say – it’s the little things in life.


TV shows | did I ever mention I’m an introvert? Of course I did, it’s like the foremost definition to my persona and I’m not even gonna deny the fact I’d rather be cooped up inside binge watching TV, obsessing over small details no normal person would think about analysing whilst near crying that my soap ship couple became official. Whilst I do watch the American side of programmes when I fancy it, there’s nothing that compares to truly British television; with the return of Gogglebox, BGT, and Peter Kay’s Comedy Shuffle to lighten up a Monday night, I’ve been in my element throughout the duration of April (which possibly makes me the saddest person ever but I do not care.)


Reminscing on hobbies | I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the one element of my pastimes that go way back to when I was a youngster. It’s not exactly a regular hobby but it is a collectors item that I’ve built up and become enthralled with over the years – and that would be my beloved dolls house. I had it bought for me when I was twelve and have grown up without missing one of the Doll’s House Collectors Fairs in April and November that allow me to be spellbound over the delicate handmade items and put together realistic scenarios. Honestly, if you could see the house filled with everything from carpets, to lighting, to a garden, to a roast dinner on the table, an old man’s pipe, a basket of laundry and even a tray of cosmetics; you’d be surprised at what you can find for an Edwardian style family. It’s a masterpiece we must have spent thousands on. Hey, maybe I should photograph it some time!


Feedback | I spoke about my struggles with engagement and statistics last week’s Sunday Natter post and anyone who’s read it will hopefully understand why I’m always on the lookout for feedback regarding my blog and any potential sentiments from my dedicated readers. Any kind of comment on every platform is comforting, refreshing and something I’m instantly thankful for. I’ve only just managed to get back to everyone who interacted with me via my blog posts in April and I felt I totally needed to add this to the list of what made me happy because it did and I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of knowing there’s people out there who are interested in my ramblings!


What made you happy last month? Oh, and happy Friday, folks!


Bridie x




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