The Sunday Natter: why blogging is important to me

I’ve noticed there’s been a lot of negative talk recently around the value of blogs and vlogs and truthfully, the vacuous and lazy-lack of knowledge attitudes in the non blogging industry have got right on my nerves. Today’s Sunday Natter chat along was not only brought on by the aim to prove the reluctant folk wrong but was also inspired by the #crazybloggers chat from the other day. Part of the topic was based around what we get out of blogging, how it helps us, and what purpose it gives us and I realised, after blogging for nearly 2 years now, that having my own piece of the internet has impacted more than I thought it ever would. Not only has it brought many opportunities, developed my discovery of brands, and allowed me to meet many others who share the same passions as I do but it’s also opened up my mind, allowed me to find myself and taught me some lifelong lessons and skills along the way. Today, I wanted to share some of those with you and see if you agree with my five.

1) It’s allowed me to express myself.

I’m a very reserved person, I tend to keep the personal issues to myself and I don’t like discussing my life face to face. I’ve always struggled with confidence, whether that be making my voice being heard or with my appearance; I’ve just never felt worthy enough. Blogging has changed that completely. I wouldn’t say my self doubt has entirely vanished but it has encouraged me to speak up, share and experiment with the things I’ve always kept to myself. It gives me the freedom to spill my thoughts and feelings and reveal myself as a person. To have a place you can escape to without fear of being judged is pretty fantastic and it’s the small platform I’ve built that urges me to carry on. I still find it crazy how people actually want to listen to what I have to say and show but they do so for that, I’ll always be thankful. 

2) It’s brought positive changes.

I’m no longer afraid of being me, that’s the main positive influence and the one that’s most important to me. As I mentioned before, my confidence isn’t great but it’s gradually increasing as I’m starting to trust and believe in life’s process, instead of my own demons. My attitude and my overall thought activity has softened, I’m learning to take risks, to note how stepping out of your comfort zone can be extremely beneficial and to take on my own control. Since I starting blogging I’ve done things I’d never thought I’d do and strangely, I’ve become more independent and accepting of the mishaps. Things aren’t always going to run smoothly and that’s what makes the whole journey more fun. I’ve found myself to be less put off a different kind of subject I’m not familiar with and instead am finding a whole new meaning to the word ‘discover’. I’m continuously blossoming, whilst staying true to myself, being proud of my work and gaining from the outcomes.

3) It’s given me the chance to find and develop my passions.

I’ve always known what I like and enjoy but since I began blogging, it’s provided the opportunity to expand that and deliver a fresh outlook. Being a fashion and beauty blog, I’ve really got to grasp with these areas and over the past few months or so have found myself settled with the stage I’m at. In the duration of blogging, my personal style has found its path, I know what works for me, my tastes have been evolved and I’m now focusing on developing that further. Delving deeper into photography is another big step for me. I’ve loved taking photos since an early age but only since blogging have I studied the depths, the ins and outs, and paced away from auto mode and that makes me eager to continue to strive. I adore capturing the moment, getting the right angle and giving myself a big pat on the back when I feel I’ve reached my picture goal. Not only that, I’ve picked up some handy technical skills with the many pieces of high class technology and have even learnt a thing or two about html coding. It’s just the overall personality breakthrough that I’m most grateful for. I’m so much more creative now and I’m passionate about those tiny details that make nature. I’m fully aware of and savour my traits that were dying to get out!

4) It’s made me have a better mindset.

I’ve never been able to find something that gives me motivation to move anywhere but my bed but blogging amended that well and truly. I now have a newly improved work ethic, I manage to set goals, be organised and challenge myself to the point my brain is overloaded with ideas and exciting plans. There’s nothing I love more than putting in the effort to get my blog to how I want it to be. This may sound quite ridiculous but with some support and the land of creativity behind me I feel as though I have the power to design anything I want and often say to myself ‘why not?’. I’m much more fixed on my routine as a regular blogger and I do consider it a part of me. My blog pursues to give me courage and determination to take these everyday hobbies and interests and turn them into something big.

5) It’s taught me to be patient.

I don’t think I was ever going to be fully researched before I took the plunge and clicked on that new blog button but I never realised just how much time and hard work needs to be put in to see the growth of a blog. I can now appreciate the blogging world from my own perspective and understand the exertion of a successful blog. I’ve learnt that things aren’t going to progress overnight, it does take a while to build up and to find that point you’re satisfied with. This is when the achievements and accomplishments become more important. In my case, it has been a well balanced and lengthy affair. When comparing the amount of time I’ve been blogging and the follower ratio to people who have blogged for the same time or less I do notice the huge gap but I don’t let that stop me. I believe the saying that slow and steady wins the race and numbers definitely aren’t everything. What I love about blogging is you go in with an open mind and come out the other end with a box full of adventures. There’s nothing more rewarding than finding your purpose and you’ll know then that the struggles were worth the incredible finish.

Do you have anything to add? What have you learnt from blogging? Let me know below!

Bridie x