The Sunday Natter: what does the word mum mean to you?

Posted on 4 min read

It means a best friend for life.

It means a connective pair that can conquer the world.

It means reading each other’s minds.

It means never being let down for reliance.

It means having someone who knows me inside out.

It means memories secured in the heart.

It means real life experience.

It means a joint understanding and belief in each other.

It means arguing and then giving in to laughter and a hug after we’ve sulked it out.

It means plenty of sarcasm and brushed insults.

It means throwing shameless shade like a queen.

It means the voice of reason at the doctors.

It means following you around when situations get awkward.

It means putting in all my trust.

It means doing all the jobs I don’t want to do.

It means allowing me to take the last piece.

It means pointing out when I’m wrong.

It means saying we’ll exercise and then slumping on the sofa with a bag of Kettle Chips.

It means constant in depth worry with reassurance we don’t die or get kidnapped on a trip into town.

It means girly days of shopping, gigs and movie nights.

It means obsessing over boybands and singing our heart out.

It means talking about what we’d do if we won the lottery.

It means having the same taste in men (and pointing the fitties out in public).

It means being able to identify who I’m gonna fancy straight away.

It means reaching serious stalker levels.

It means the truth of whether my bum really does look big in that dress.

It means compliments when I’m drowning in self pity.

It means negatives turned into positives.

It means a supportive and caring structure.

It means carrying me through every phase.

It means long, meaningful chats.

It means a shoulder to cry on complete with a cuppa and a biscuit.

It means I can be myself, I can express myself and I can confide without worry.

It means a personal guide in life.

It means a miracle worker.

It means finding things I was convinced had disappeared.

It means recognising the sounds of her footsteps.

It means being spoilt rotten.

It means I carry the same traits.

It means remembering things without being told again.

It means accepted decisions even if you don’t agree.

It means having an instinct on whether or not it’s bad for me before I learn for myself.

It means a home cooked meal on the table every day.

It means the best Sunday roast you’ll ever have.

It means I have my very own atm machine right at home.

It means laughing until we can’t breathe.

It means having that certain responsive look where communication isn’t needed.

It means never going short of what I don’t necessarily need but get anyway.

It means if I don’t get a yes the first time, I get a yes the second.

It means forgiveness whatever the deed.

It means an irreplaceable special bond.

It means encouragement to reach my dreams.

It means always being put first in life.

It means I stay strong.

It means I manage to sail through tough times.

It means a reflection on my future.

It means I’m a better person.

It means holding me up at every hurdle.

It means a teacher of morals, lessons and family values.

It means sacrificing your own needs for your children’s.

It means sleepless nights and stressed out fights.

It means still making sure everyone is fine even after treats are insisted.

It means shaping me into who I am.

It means holding hands on a bumpy rollercoaster of a ride.

It means placing the broken pieces back into the puzzle.

It means an inspirational, wise and devoted essence.

It means seeing you smile makes me all fuzzy inside.

It means seeing you upset breaks my heart.

It means a beautiful, influential, incredible, selfless, hard working superwoman.

It means someone who deserves the world.

It means I’m constantly proud.

It means being loved purely, truly and eternally.

It means the centre of the family.

It means having someone beside me forever.

It means I am who I am today because of her.


I don’t think my obstructive attitude towards increasingly commercialised holidays will ever change – Mothering Sunday being another one to add to the list. I don’t need a single day to buy my mum some outrageous flowers and treat her to breakfast in bed followed by a pampering spa. I love to randomly surprise my mum with gifts and appreciation any day of the year BUT I always feel I get so much more soppy and sentimental when Mother’s Day comes around. If ever there was a time to reflect on just how lucky you are to have a wonderful mother/daughter relationship, today is the day and it seems obvious I’m going to base my Sunday Natter on that one lady in my life who gave and blessed me that said life. In a different context this week but a list I could add to on a frequent basis because I honestly would be nothing without my darling mum.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mums out there, and to those who unfortunately can’t be with us! I hope you enjoy lots of cherished moments, remember the treasured memories and insert her humble nature into your developing soul. You only get one mum, the one you’re bound to have ups and downs with but the one you should hug tightly every step of the way.


And let me know what the word mum means to you!


Bridie x