The Sunday Natter: the royal baby – it’s a girl!

As the lovely Kate and Wills welcomed a new baby gil into the world yesterday morning, I thought it was only necessary to base today’s token gossip on this subject. After all, a celebratory birth is what gets us Brits talking. There are a few issues I’d like to address but first of all, can I just preach about how beautiful their little family is. Ignoring the fact they are royalty and how they exceed the higher end of the scale, they are just a normal and extremely humble loving couple with two adorable children. Their parenting is nothing but natural, you can see it’s far from staged and truly from the heart and what I love about it is they’re not afraid to show it. Witnessing the special moment of William taking Prince George to visit his new sister whilst he was completely oblivious to the fuss and began waving to the cameras seriously tugged at my heart strings. Him and his sister (who are practically twins within only 24 hours of visible life) must be the most cherished children on earth and there’s no questioning just how cute and well polished they are.

Without a doubt, Prince George and Princess *to be named* are set up for their future. They belong to the most privileged family, are destined to be superior, to be blessed with a monarchy and live a happy, content life with access to anything they’ll ever need but sometimes I can’t help wondering whether it’s quite sad to know they’ll miss out on experiencing the usual ‘normality’. Nowhere near the pitiful mark but with working with children myself, I’ve seen first hand how important it is to just explore the stereotypical development of childhood to adulthood and being a member of the royal family must give added pressure. It’s the small things like attending your local toddler group, nipping down the street, knocking on friends’ doors and staying out till your mum shouts you in at the top of her voice, or for the older activities like stressing yourself silly about a job interview or waiting in the pouring rain for public transport that doesn’t turn up BUT what they do have is security, stability, support and love, and the allowance to still be independent with freedom and I guess that’s all that matters.

I’m still questioning how Kate could have looked so amazing after an overdue labour, sweating, panting, lots of uncomfortableness, loss of dignity and finally, after popping a baby out. A few hours later and she’s out walking, elegantly dressed, looking as radiant as ever; hair immaculate, fresh faced, gleam bouncing off her. Of course, it’s most likely down to the team of professionals all ready to make her acceptable for the cameras (although I’m sure she looks just as beautiful without the work) but I have to hold my hands up and admire her. After (if I ever) give birth, I doubt I’d come anywhere close to that. I’d probably be ugly crying, hair shoved up in a bun, bags under my eyes, sweat pants on, and craving nothing but sleep and a juicy meal whilst juggling precious bonding time with my newborn. I don’t even look as good as Kate did on a day I feel my hair and makeup is to my satisfaction and I certainly wouldn’t be up for socialising with anyone, let alone the whole world. I know it’s her role as Duchess and his role as Prince but knowing all those people, (in fact, everyone) knows your business, are waiting for you outside, ready to pounce and overwhelm you at the right moment and still managing to enter with a greeting smile; I can’t help but respect the pair. It’s no secret that there are the dedicated royalists who are disappointed there was no speech but I feel even letting both the general public and the media into that precious memory is enough? People, especially the media sources, can be very forceful and you sometimes do have to remember they are only human.

Talking of the media; dear god, why oh why was the topic of what colour scheme Kate was wearing brought up and how even is that relevant to the joyous occasion? When the news stated they were unsure why she wasn’t wearing pink, I had to cringe. I’m 100% sure that didn’t even cross the Duchess’s mind? She has no entitlement to a choice of whether she is going to be circulated rapidly and just so happened to pick a designer dress and heels she felt suited the moment. The fact it was yellow makes no difference and is actually quite laughable that people have this in depth theory and story behind it. I happened to think she looked remarkable, all pretty and spring like and hope more than anything that after the strutting was finished, she slumped on to the sofa, kicked off her shoes and changed into her Jammies once she arrived home (with the cameras still following may I add).

An even worse comment from an ITV News correspondent was pointing out Kate was ‘still supporting a bit of a belly’. What do they think she has done differently from the rest? Was this some kind of magic birth we weren’t informed of? Does the fluid, blood and swelling completely vanish after a mere 10 hours? It’s just one of those wow moments where it puzzles you how the appearance of someone’s body is still being brought into the picture after childbirth.

I’m not a royalty worshiper, I appreciate a pleasant event and also admit these sort of things can be over dramatised but yesterday really did make me feel patriotic. I think Kate and William are a favourite for a reason. I always commend their attitude and involvement with the public. I’m still briefing through the planned names I’ve created but for me, I really do hope Diana is placed in there somewhere. I’m sure the special lady herself will be watching down and be so proud of the men (and father) both William and Harry have grown up to be.

What do you think she’ll be called? Did you enjoy consistently watching those double doors just as much as I did yesterday?

Bridie x