The Sunday Natter: the make-up debate

You know what I’m tired of hearing? The ridiculed views of how too much make-up means you’re a bad person, how personal choice means you’re constantly open to the public’s opinions on how you should and shouldn’t look, and how caking your face in various products and brands you are excitedly eager to test means you’re ‘false advertising’. I believe make-up itself is an art and not conformed to any gender; the purpose is actually rather fascinating and the difference it can make to an individual’s appearance, self esteem and drive is something worth noting. You shouldn’t have to rely on make-up to start off your day, no, but unfortunately (or maybe not so unfortunately) for a large majority, it’s how we prepare to face the world.

I know for me, I wear make-up not just because I enjoy the concept of it, but because it makes me feel better in myself. As much as I’d love to go out without a care in the world, I’m not complete until my full face is painted on. It gives me confidence I can’t find elsewhere and it allows me to be comfortable in my own presence. I sit at my dressing table half asleep every morning for me, and only me. Having fun with make-up is a hobby and seeing a satisfying end result is incredibly pleasing to the soul. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel pretty? There’s already too much hatred towards women and their supposed competition, of course we’re going to reach towards an option that can seem to pick us right back up. I guess it is sad we don’t feel brave enough to go without make-up but it’s also great how something as simple as a lip crayon can boost your level of self-assurance. 

                                                                                                                             *best quote ever?

Belittling and patronising someone for wearing a ton of make-up – or on the other side of the view not wearing make-up – is not okay. There’s nothing I hate to see more than shaming and bringing down a person because of the cosmetics they’ve chosen to apply for obvious, gratifying reasons. The girl you’ve just seen on Facebook has airbrushed-like skin, fabulously defined eyebrows and a bright purple lip? So what. That shouldn’t be an issue. Another girl you’ve seen doesn’t wear an inch of make-up and is smiling graciously? That also shouldn’t be a problem but in fact it is and you can’t win either way. The growth of the beauty industry, the dependence of make-up, and (to some) the surprisingly true fact that you can go without and still live your life shouldn’t be a targeted, direct problem. Acting prestige over either decision doesn’t make you any better. We don’t need anybody’s approval and we definitely don’t want to hear your deluded opinion. There’s no right nor wrong and there’s no rules; we should be able to experiment as much as we want without the fear of passing judgement. 

Another pet peeve of mine is the male side of things and what they consider to be acceptable (although that’s a whole new scrutiny). “You’re wearing too much make-up, I prefer the natural look, natural beauty is best”. For starters, the natural beauty they’re referring to more than likely is a photo-shopped magazine edit of pale, glowing skin, sparkling eyes and silhouetted lips. Reality check – much to our dismay, nobody actually looks like that. Huge news flash, guys – we don’t watch YouTube tutorials religiously and spend hours perfecting our contour to please you, soz. As the saying goes; if you don’t like it, lump it.

What I’m really trying to say is, if make-up makes you happy then blend that stuff until your arm falls off, wear as little or as much as you want but always make sure it’s you that’s benefiting from it and you’re not just applying it as a chore. That’s all that matters.

I’m sorry if I sounded super passive-aggressive in today’s discussion but it’s something I’ve been meaning to get off my chest for ages and what better than to direct it to my Sunday post?! What’re your thoughts on the matter? (Or should I say natter…)

Bridie x

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