The Sunday Natter: let’s talk teeth

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Possibly the most random subject of the many Sunday chats I’ve implemented into my blog but one that I felt deserved a discussion instead of a focused review. I don’t feel I could write an essay on teeth as I quite clearly lack knowledge in dentistry and apart from the fact they support your entire mouth and are the reason you are able to indulge in some amazing food, they aren’t really capable of much more.

Aside from the vitality they do, however, make or break a smile and the whiter the teeth, the more noticeable! Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with great teeth. I had a removable brace at the end of primary school and I absolutely hated it. Thinking about it now, it wasn’t much use, was a pain to take out and clean, gave me a lisp, made my teeth feel uncomfortable and I don’t tend to notice the difference it made in later life (probably because long lasting changes never actually happened). I’ve never been confident with my teeth, I don’t smile with my teeth, I despise the wonky gap between my two front teeth and they’re far from sparkly white but to say I don’t have a great set, I seem to have an obsession with the perfect set of gnashers.

It’s becoming all the rage to have a dazzling smile, there are dozens of products on the market to give you that gleam and I’m one of those gullible people who is eager to try out every possible option. The loveliness of teeth are the first thing I notice on a person and it does warm me into finding them attractive. They radiate your face and allow you to show your smiley personality (which means actually, they are more important than first thought in the above statement).

I’m on the mission to turn mine into a set I can show off and it’s becoming an extremely needy desire, so when I won a tube of Naturawhite Toothpaste* over on Twitter a few months ago, I couldn’t wait to give it a go. Recommended by dentists, this formula contains micro crystals that works to eliminate plaque, dissolve difficult to remove stains deep inside teeth, and leave teeth bright and shiny. Although I don’t have visible stains on my teeth, they definitely continue to discolour as I get older and wear down the natural enamel. It did take a couple of weeks of using the toothpaste for me to notice a difference and I didn’t always see it due to the change in lighting but it was there, by the end of the single course, there was a small difference. The toothpaste is a light, clear liquid with a minty taste and gentle froth, it left my mouth feeling fresh but I had to use the toothpaste as a second round after my ordinary toothpaste as I don’t feel it was enough to provide an all round fulfilled cleanliness. It was certainly an extra boost and gave me that polished feel. Running my tongue over my teeth, they felt smoother and seemed to stand out more than usual. The length of time it lasted me was the only problem; I used up the tube quite quickly so wasn’t really given the chance to compare a before and after.

After trailing this, it’s given me the starter pack to reach more into teeth whitening and I’d love to hear your recommendations. Using toothpaste is the simple way to build up a new grin, but of course there’s the famous whitening strips or even a professional consultation at a specialised clinic. I’m hoping to reach out into the deeper world of whitening so watch out for any progress. If you see me representing Chip Skylark, then you know it’s been successful.

Are you as weirdly intrigued with teeth as I am? Do you face any problems or dislikes about your teeth? What’re your go to products/routines?

Bridie x