The Sunday Natter: 35 little things that make me happy

Supposedly, last Friday was International Day of Happiness yet I woke up feeling down in the dumps, all horrible and panicky and I definitely didn’t feel like a room without a roof. It wasn’t until later on, when I was sat chatting with my grandma with a hot chocolate and some peanut M&M’s in her luxury conservatory with huge windows and one hell of a view, the sky turning from cloudy to a fiery orange as the sun set, that I gave my head a shake and thought actually, there’s so many small reasons why I shouldn’t be seizing the savours. Just sat here, enjoying some quality time, being fed and made comfortable by the one woman who loves being in my company and would do anything to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle for me is a solid reason I should be turning that frown upside down. Outweighing the negative with positive is something I’m trying to do more of because I believe reminding yourself of the small pursuits that bring pleasure and satisfaction to both your mood and your general well being are sure to transform you from a pessimist to an optimist. In aid of International Happiness Day (despite it being two days late) I made my own list of life’s simple enjoyments.

35 things that make me happy:

1) Fresh flowers on a spring day.

2) Waking up and realising you still have hours left to sleep.

3) Stepping off a plane into the holiday heat.

4) Finding an item of clothing that looks just as good on you as it did on the model.

5) Getting lost in a good book.

6) Getting into the car just as my favourite song comes on.

7) Seeing my family smile.

8) When people prove they do care.

9) Having a good hair, makeup and brow day.

10) A lazy day filled with Disney films, chocolate and duvets.

11) Road trips to the seaside.

12) Fresh, white interior.

13) Food. Especially the indulgent junk kind I shouldn’t really be eating.

14) Those long chats which end in plenty of laughs and hugs. 

15) Reminiscing on old memories and remembering the special times.

16) Beautiful photography and discovering new places which enable the chance to snap some beauties.

17) Being carefree, having those moments where you let life slip through your fingers.

18) Friendly strangers going out of their way to help you.

19) Receiving mail directly addressed to me.

20) Accidentally hearing someone say something nice about me.

21) When someone messages me first because I know they were thinking about me. 

22) The sound of a child’s laughter and the other comical stories a 4 year old can tell you. 

23) Planning outfits for an occasion.

24) New lipstick.

25) Being proud of who I am, telling myself I am worthy.

26) Making people feel better.

27) Knowing the answer to a question instantly.

28) A candle lit bath.

29) Changing into pyjamas after a busy day.

30) Thinking of a creative idea and getting down dirty making it happen.

31) Live music.

32) The atmposphere when the lights drop at a gig.

33) Having an anxiety free day.

34) That instant connection you have when you meet people for the first time which makes you question why you were ever without them.

35) Alexa Chung and her babing sense of style.

What makes you happy?

Bridie x