The Products I’m Currently Testing

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As a blogger I’m lucky enough to receive beauty samples left, right and centre but I have to be careful because if I throw them into my blog basket (yes, the products have taken up residence in their very own designated space) then I can easily forget about all the new, exclusive luxuries I have to trial and eventually indulge in. That is until I give myself a shake and my room a revamp and rediscover those bits and bobs absent from my routine. Recently, I’ve been testing out a random bunch from various brands and I’ve loved the alternative introduction to my usual. It’s been a while since I’ve mixed it up and I’ve really valued the change as well as the advances.

First up are a couple of items from a popular non-invasive advocate – Transformulas. Their skincare, bodycare and cosmetics range is extensive, specialising in anti ageing but revitalising your natural beauty in a flash. The revolutionary Arm Lift is the perfect addition to my regime not just because I’m a demotivated mare who can’t be bothered with those intense tricep dips but because I lack the strength and ability, too. My arms are probably my least hated feature, they’re certainly not a cause for concern in the ‘why am I sooooo flabby’ thought department but there’s always time to keep your skin firm and it’s best to start young! The product aims to sculpt, hydrate and lift and I must say in terms of the smooth layering I’ve noticed a refreshed softness in the short time period I’ve been using it. I was sceptical at the thought of a lightweight, absorbing lotion making any difference opposed to exercise but I feel if I keep this up over the years, the elasticity will result in less bingo wing and more solid swing.

The Kylie Jenner lips are becoming more sought-after by the minute and the rage of lip fillers by both the general public, the influencer industry and the celebrity world has got me questioning my own pair. I’ve never had a problem with my lips, they’re shapely and can be filled by the magic of lip liner but in comparison to the luscious pouts spreading the nation, mine are quite tame. If you haven’t jumped into the surgical route just yet, the LipVolume by Transformulas is an incredible alternative. In the style of a gloss it’s simple to apply but provides such a high performance boost. The powerful combination of nourishing and volumising ingredients really gets to work straight away, you can feel the amplifying progressing with a tingling sensation which forms into a heavy defined contour. It’s my current go to product to smear underneath my fave lipstick, my absolute handbag essential and acts as both a plumper and moisturiser so you get a two in one bonus!

Moving away from products and onto tools, the L.A.B.2 (live and breathe beauty) Strokes Of Genius brush kit for the eyes has been my holy grail for a month or so, now. It features five brushes that are must have basics to hold in your collection. An eyeshadow brush which I use to cover the base and distribute the colour evenly, a crease brush which I use to blend the hues and harsh lines seamlessly, a pointed eyeliner brush that I use with my gel liner as it’s the ideal thinness to produce a precise line moving into a flick and both the brow & liner brush and brow & lash groomer that have enabled my brows to be defined naturally, I’m so much happier with my brows since finding this combination and all five brushes are saving me a good ten minutes on a morning with their high quality finish. Amen to the creators.

Finally we have the eco-friendly Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion Weightless Texture Spray that has been a life saver for me as the winter fog and drizzle frizzes my hair to the extreme as soon as I step foot out of the house (you know my problem, gals). I spray it all over my hair – from root to end – when it’s half way between damp and dry and it delivers a balance of body and definition for an effortless, ‘I just woke up like this’ look; augmenting that natural tousle, energising the shine and aiding that manageability when my long hair seems more troublesome than usual. As well as pampering the hair, I’ve also been treating my face to a Vitamasque firming and lifting face mask. This mildly sweet pomegranate scent is delicious, not too forceful and nice and serene once applied. With it being a singular sheet sample I’ve only used it the once but that night was filled with a fresh glow with no discomfort and for the price, it’s absolutely one of those underrated gems!

What are you testing and simultaneously loving, lately?

Bridie x

*some of these items may have been sent for me to review, please see my full disclaimer for more information.