The Ivy Leeds Launch

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited to the pre-launch event of the brand spanking new restaurant that’s just hit Leeds City Centre and situates within the acclaimed Victoria Quarter in a lavish, historic, listed building located on the bustling streets of Vicar Lane.

With a wide range of culinary mastery set across two floors, two terraces, and a beautiful bar setting, this botanical space is bound to draw the crowds in… and it certainly did on a warm, celebratory September night.

Mingling in with the professionals and the stars, drinking far too many exclusive signature rose cocktails and glasses of champers as they were handed to us one after the other, and nibbling on some canapes as we giggled the night away, myself and 1/7 of my gal pals honestly had some top tier fun to shake those Monday blues away!

Thankfully I’d thought of photographing the flamboyant decor before the fizz went to my head and sent me spiralling (quite literally) and also before the swarms of people headed in to create a merry buzz that lasted until after hours. The atmosphere was fab; everyone chatting and never without a drink in hand, the bar staff running their rocket speed service underneath the ember lighting, faces displaying all smiles and flushed cheeks, but the hundreds of attendees did end up blocking the views of the gorgeously decked out views!

The interior is everything my heart desires; walls full of quirky, bold artwork that takes bland and squashes it right down to dust. Bursts of colour and plush prints in every corner. Dreamy flower bouquets on the marble tables, monochromatic tiled flooring, a greenery theme throughout – whether that be authentic towering plants or patterns plastered on the walls. Sophisticated but retro and exactly what a brasserie should be.



We stayed downstairs in the capacious bar area for the majority of the time but somehow towards the end of the night we ended up upstairs as we trailed to the fancy washrooms. That means we also got a taste (pun intended) of how the second floor looked and that was just as aesthetically pleasing, if not more. It’s the perfect place to sense that homely warmth as you’re enjoying your meal; large windows making it light and airy, high ceilings, and comfortable seating.


Speaking of meals, I must venture back there sometime soon to trial and savour their food offerings properly. In all honestly I can’t even remember what little bites I was grabbing off the silver platters all night but something that sticks in my mind are the delicious mini crème brûlée donuts and the berry tarts. I must have had about five and I easily could have had more! The desserts were sublime and I have no doubt the rest will be, too.

They have such an amazing range of menus available – breakfast, a la carte, afternoon tea, weekend brunch, and of course the drinks and desserts. I saw a bloggers breakfast was held this week and all the grub looked divine. That alone has tempted me to go and indulge myself! I promised my mum I’d take her for some food and cocktails before the year is up so it’s no surprise that The Ivy is right at the top of my list of where to go.

With venues already in Harrogate and York, this Leeds addition is a welcomed treat to the popular Leeds eatery scene and I am excited to see it flourish. It opened for the public on Tuesday so if you’re thinking about paying a visit, it’s all ready to go!