Life: The Body Shop – Spa of the World event

If I had to pick only one stand out blog event host it’d always be The Body Shop, so I couldn’t think of a better place to be on a rainy Friday evening back in August. This time, it was in aid of the super glorious new Spa of the World range which is inspired by traditional spa treatments from all four corners of the globe. The collection focuses on providing you with a luxury spa experience but without the hefty price tag and from your own home comfort!

The Spa of the World range is split into three varieties, each one directed towards a different ritual – revitalising, relaxing and blissful. Whether your body needs to be awakened, cherished or calmed completely, each of the three spa body rituals will take your senses places they’ve never been before. The Relaxing Ritual is set for fast tracking de-stressing, unwinding and reconnecting with the body and mind and has five steps; scrub, treat, relax, nourish, massage. The Revitalising Ritual is an open door to invigorate and energise the mind and body when you’re feeling tired, run down or sluggish. It’s a three step routine, firstly scrub, secondly treat, thirdly massage. The Blissful Ritual is a sublime life saver for when you’re feeling in need of luxury and once again has three steps; nourish, treat, massage.

With the products neatly placed on display for us all to see, smell, and touch, I couldn’t wait to put my senses to use. First impressions? I was so pleasantly surprised by how splendour the packaging appeared. The deep brown and gold accents were a grand opening to the heavenly product that was inside. 

The range has a number of products that reflect each purpose; two lots of creams, the Japanese Camellia Cream as part of the Relaxing Ritual and the Hawaiian Kukui Cream as part of the Blissful Ritual, both supplying a base of tranquility and nurture to the skin. Two scrubs, Dead Sea Salt Scrub as part of the Revitalising Ritual and African Ximenia Scrub as part of the Relaxing Ritual, both acting as a gentle exfoliator revealing refreshed and newer looking skin. Four oils, the French Lavender Massage Oil which is part of the Relaxing Ritual and the Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil which is part of the Revitalising Ritual, both having a distinctive scent and promoting natural calming and a re-energising body and mind, and the Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil and Tahitian Orchard Massage Oil, which are part of the Blissful Ritual, more directed for tantalising the senses, and indulging and conditioning the skin and hair. Two body clays, the Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay which is part of the Relaxing Ritual and there to remove impurities and draw out tensions from your stressed out body and mind, and the Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay which is part of the Revitalising Ritual, in place to do the job of absorbing any excess water and oils in the skin allowing it to contour, tone, tighten and feel firmer. A satisfying bath treat, the Egyptian Milk & Honey Bath which is part of the Relaxing Ritual and is bound to spice up your bath routine. A Body Mask Brush to enhance each treatment and apply the ideal amount of mask, and finally a Thai Wooden Massager which is a tool made to focus on pressure points, relieve tension and deliver an all round escape. 

At first glance, I noticed just how rich and velvety the creams were; a thick consistency bound to nourish your skin and that was proved to be correct as the night moved on. Also on show were some lavish carefully made up gift boxes which would (although pricier than usual but so worth the splurge for the ultimate pamper) make the perfect Christmas present (ahem, mum) as we scarily move to the end of the year. Not only that, we were also given a sneaky insight into the brand new Oils Of Life collection, another powerful skin booster guaranteed to bring some fresh new life into your skin and they are now available to buy!

After tucking into some naughty treats (and a couple of grapes which totally balanced it out, right?!) the friendly staff prepared to undertake some in depth demonstrations of each stage. There were four volunteers up on the stool and ready to get replenished (once again, I was behind the camera due to my lack of participance and desire to photograph) and like normal, with the helpful and warm guidance of the staff, we were taken through the processes with the highlighted benefits of each ritual, starting in order with the first step and following suit. 

We are able to see the results first hand from both being able to experience the relaxing exposition and having the products to explore as they were passed through the group of lovely bloggers. Although I adored everything The Body Shop had offer, there were some particular favourites I mentally noted. Both creams were on my wish list due to the divine smell (nothing new there), and the Dead Sea Salt Scrub was another high rater. The course yet crystals from the Dead Sea itself got to work at removing all dullness, resurfacing the skin and stimulating the circulation. Both arms of one lady were compared and you could really see the positive difference between the two, the massaged arm was glowing and the skin was delightfully smooth! I was also highly intrigued and enthralled in the Egyptian Milk & Honey Bath where using the wooden spoon provided, you poured powder into water and it transformed into a milky, creamy whirl. We had a little hand dip and just from that test, my skin was incredibly silky. AND to make things easier, there’s a designed tick sheet based upon the range to help you choose which ritual would suit your particular needs!

Despite the event celebrating the launch of Spa of the World, we also kindly got a sneaky peek at the new coloured eye definers and the smoky eye liners. As I’m not an eccentric, bold colour kind of gal, the smoky shades were more suited to my tastes but all were pigmented enough to nicely apply and able to build up and mix about to make your makeup look even funkier. 

I absolutely loved everything I saw on the short but sweet and informal evening. I’ve always loved The Body Shop but they’ve taken a massive step forward with this range. They never seem to fail with their signature delicious smelling and hydrating body butters and reliable skincare, but this is something different that seems to go above high and beyond with improvement and engagement, especially with the mixture of origins and cultures being acknowledged. Although a bit pricier than the ordinary buys, I can see it being a staple set of products to reach out for when you’re in need of a great boost. As well as exclusively being able to try out the new line, we were also generously gifted a goodie bag with some Spa of the World and Oils of Life samples (and some other praised treats such as the Green Tea Body Butter and trademark lip balm ) which I can’t wait to try out for myself (and more than likely head back to buy the full sized products!).

Thank you so much to Leah and everyone else at The Body Shop White Rose for not only inviting me but taking me on a ride to luxury. It was a pleasure!

Have you tried out the Spa of the World range yet?

Bridie x