The Birthday Gift Guide For Men*

I don’t talk about men a lot on my blog. Not because I’m anti male company, or because I believe the secret to a long, stress-free life is to ditch any contact with them, or because I just don’t get the species as a whole (okay maybe a little), but because they’re simply just so bloody hard to integrate into my gift guide niche. So, what I mean is, not just difficult to understand and unravel the layers of, but a complete riddle when it comes to the topics I speak about; personal style, health, and most of all, beauty.

It’s my brother’s birthday this weekend; the big 2-1, and as I’m trying to calculate my brainstorm of ideal gifts that will make an impression, it got me thinking about the lack of potential there is – and that got me ready and willing to create a handy guide. I think when a birthday arrives for an important man in your life – whether that be Dad, Granddad, Husband, Boyfriend, Brother, Uncle – there’s always that mini panic of ‘what do I buy for the man who already has everything’ or ‘how do I keep it distinctive when typical gifts can be so humdrum’ but to me it’s all in the detail; the multi facets and the practicality. This is where the first item on the list comes into play. A perfect pamper present by Panasonic in the form of their new unveiled range of combination shavers, beard and facial hair trimmers, and clippers. This ultimate 4 in 1 masterpiece Men’s Trimmer with super sleek design and technology is sure to be a pleaser for your everyday average man who likes to keep a fine eye on their appearance (and if they’re anything like my brother, likes to take a sudden stop in the  mirror to admire themselves). A preened beard is all the rage these days so to feed their vanity is most certainly my number one option!

To go alongside that, a gift set of some kind would be convenient to continue the self care session. Whether that be a body care set; shower gel, soap, lotion, a skin care set; face wash/moisturiser, aftershave balm, spray, or a simple haircare set with shampoo, conditioner, and any other luxuries. I’m an advocate for washing away that toxic masculinity with a good grooming and it’s always appreciated from your every day man on the go! Not forgetting the finisher, of course. An ample aftershave with a scent that ticks all the boxes.

If beauty is a no go, then it’s on to the initial subject of discussion: style. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a trendy pair of trainers or a basic brand of t-shirt. Although it’s best to try and discreetly get a heads up first before you go out shopping and end up buying the complete wrong thing. Staple colours are my secret to success – black, white, grey – I don’t think I’ve ever heard a grumble instead of seen a satisfied smile with a sporty polo piece in this shade.

Food and drink. Another winner in the book of a growing 21 year old whose life revolves around that lean muscle and those strenuous gym sessions. I remember one year my brother got given a protein style hamper to feed his zest for nutrition and he was absolutely thrilled. It proves something so understated can still be so unique… but if all fails just opt for chocolate and booze!

A gift doesn’t even have to be physical. A shopping voucher or a gig ticket or even a booking for a day out somewhere is special and exclusive for your loved one. It shows you listen and take note of what they enjoy and all it usually takes is the click of a button! Speaking of personalised choices, I love the engraved gifts that you can get made especially. Wallets, mugs, ornaments, pens, even a pair of boxer shorts. There’s extensive variety to suit every kind of bloke!

Failing that, a quirky gadget to provide that geeky, techy fix or a console to keep them occupied so they don’t have time to bother you when you crave some quality me time without disturbances (double bonus!) and finally, a handover with a smidgen of comedy. There’s nothing better than stifling a laugh out of your loved one, your family, or your friend and if it shows you’re taking into consideration their personality quirks then it’s brownie points all round.

I really do idolise my brother. Despite being my baby bro, he’s still the authoritative male figure in my life. The one who has my back, who helps me out, who keeps our circle of three intact. I don’t know where I’d be without him bailing me out when I need it, to be honest. I don’t know where I’d be without him there to cheer me up, to reminisce on old times with me, to stick up for me, to act as my personal photographer and cope with my specific demands,  and most of all, to maintain our close knit relationship that has been bonded since day one.

I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there who feel the same about the men in their life and I know that sometimes a gift doesn’t feel adequate enough. But trust me when I say it’s just a small fraction of the token of your appreciation. Hand a gift over on their celebratory day, and hand yourself over for the rest of time!

What are your go to gifts for men?

*This is a collaborative post but all words/opinions/ideas are my own