Ten things I’ve learnt since Christmas Day

Hello all! I hope you’ve had an absolutely amazing Christmas. I’m still in the delusional period that seems to hit me every year; the ‘what day is it and what am I doing with my life’ realisation once Christmas is over and done with and the new year is fast approaching. It’s been a bit of a strange one for me, I had an absolutely lovely Christmas Day with all my family, consumed food my body isn’t even used to and was completely spoilt rotten with both love and gifts. Boxing Day was a traditional visit to my grandma’s for home-made dumplings and some well needed chilling out turned into three hours of nothing but sheer darkness, a phone light, a torch and a desire to finish watching catch-up Eastenders (turns out the horrendous floods in Leeds caused a huge power-cut across the city). And now? Well now I’m continuing to eat myself into oblivion on a diet of nuts and miniature chocolates (how long it’ll be acceptable for me to do this, I do not know).

Although it’s now the 28th and Christmas is pretty much in the past (despite how in denial some of us may be), it’s around this time I seem to reflect on how privileged I am to be blessed with the luxuries and how during the festive, happy and appreciative spell I pick up these life lessons and habits that I never even knew I had in me. What I love about Christmas time is that it’s different for everybody.  Some solely class Christmas as a religious preach, some use it as an excuse to go out and party, some like it quiet and some have families of 20+ and unfortunately, some have nothing or nobody which makes it even more real to open your eyes to every little advantage. For me, it’s all about giving and cherishing, the simple enjoyment and the humanity shared. I’m listing my morals fair and quickly below…

1. Money isn’t everything – it’s the company you have around the tree that matters.

2. There’s so much beauty in the holiday – it’s not just about the designer bag or the iPhone, look around you and you will see how much there is to admire.

3. A child’s face is enough to warm a thousand hearts – I just don’t understand how you can’t be excited for Christmas when there’s young exhilarated children smiling from ear to ear.

4. You shouldn’t fret too much about gifts – You can buy the biggest present in the world and the children will still play with the empty cardboard box, or the adults will most likely treasure that bottle of bubbly on offer more than anything.

5. Family time is precious – there’s nothing more uplifting than gathered relatives on a squashy sofa, reminiscing on memories whilst ripped open wrapping paper is scattered around the room.

6. Personal touches brings tear to the eyes – creating something with your own hands and seeing how welcomed it is, is a job well done.

7. A kind gesture goes a long way – helping out locally or visiting an elderly person on their own is extremely rewarding and brings in the spirit of Christmas.

8. It’s nice to relax – having zero pressure to complete tasks and get up early makes it completely okay to be a lazy sod.

9. Laughing is a cure – by the end of the night, my cheeks hurt more than any problems on the outer world.

10. I am an utterly greedy pig and I never knew I could consume so much food – I currently resemble a whale and need a serious detox come January. Enough said.

Have you learnt anything new or being reminded of what’s important this Christmas?

Bridie x