Ten Reasons Not To Give Up On Love This Valentine’s Day

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Red alert: this is me not being a cynic for the first time in erm… 23 years? When the 14th February comes around I’m usually turning my nose up at all the commercialised gifts and lovey dovey mush shoved in my face wherever I turn but I guess as you surround yourself with new situations, attitudes can change and you can just about handle the sentiment of overpriced red roses, meal deals for two and the mad rush to please your loved one on what is actually just a normal day. I’m not saying I’m pro Valentine’s just yet but what am I saying is I’m pro love; you don’t have to allow a date on the calendar, bad luck with modern dating apps or a shitty ex who’s dampened your spirit be the reason you’re devaluing yourself and giving up on the world head first in a pack of chocolate not that I object that and a collection of Kleenex to wipe those tears away.


1. There’s no time limit. Whether you’re 20, or 40, or even 70, it’s never too late to find love. As the years go by you may feel like you’re out of your depth but it can crop up at anytime, even when you’re not directly looking. It has no time frame; it’s spontaneous, unpredictable and out of control. In the end, you’ll probably figure out why it took so long.


2. You never know what’s around the corner. Cliche but true. Romance can strike without warning in unimaginable places you probably never considered possible. Love often has the tendency to develop unexpectedly – you’re never going to find the possibilities if you don’t cut cords with heartbreak and disappointment, and get yourself out there.


3. Love is all around. All right so you may not have a date on Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate love from the other sources you are blessed and cherished with. If you decide to focus on the relationships you share with your family and your friends (or even your pet cat), establish your happiness with those close to you, then it’s surely gonna make it easier to grow affection with any future acquaintances.


4. You are made of stone. Don’t ever doubt your capability to survive the breaks ups, the bumps and the bruises. Valentine’s Day is bound to make you feel fragile if the angst is still raw but you can heal by simply loving yourself first. Every day is a new day to take symbolic steps forward to change, grow, and find yourself becoming a better you!


5. There are good ones out there. I promise. Even when you convince yourself the only people you attract are trolls who ignore your messages, forget about that date you organised and waltz off with someone else. You have to believe there are people out there who will surprise you with their genuine gestures, proving that they care. Nobody’s perfect, we all have flaws, but we all deserve to feel special so never rule that kind of love out completely.


6. You are worthy. Even if love’s not a priority, reminding yourself that you are nothing but amazing is priority. Tell yourself that whoever ends up being a part of your future is lucky; they get to share your quirky qualities, your good heart and the love you can give back. Allow yourself some personal space, hold your head up high and create that open door to a love life with greater meaning and satisfaction.


7. There’s someone out there for everyone. Maybe it’ll hit you when it’s least unexpected, maybe it’ll crop up out of nowhere, maybe it will work in your favour as you distance your attention and remain patient, maybe it’ll remind you why it’s never worked out with anyone else. We’re all built to have a true match; some find that straight away, some have to cross a few thorns before they get there and some never realise it’s been there all along until fate happens. You may be yet to meet, you may already know, but only you can decide how you wish to unfold events.


8. When love is over life isn’t over. The clock’s still ticking, hearts are still beating, the world is still evolving. Life doesn’t suddenly stop just because love has, even if those heart-rending songs and negative thoughts think otherwise. Your love life is not defined by your failed relationships, it’s defined by living life to the fullest and finding Mr or Mrs right whilst you’re concentrating on your own choices and decisions and reducing that urgent mission.


9. It’s worth waiting for. It can be a painful, confusing and sometimes scary place but it can also be pretty damn beautiful and introduce some intense emotions to normal simplicity. The body language, the eye contact, the tenderness, the adoration, the harmony in which two people move, speak, behave and fit together, even just the whole experience in general, making those memories. Whether it lasts years or it’s there to teach some lessons; it’s real and it’s there for you when you fall and get back up again.


10. You were meant for love. Humans were built to share that connection, nature is wired for love and that’s why we’re always striving for the best. We are drawn to others, we are made to form those bonds and eventually it will solidify everything you’ve imagined to happen.


Aaand if none of these liberal points resolute to the mind then you always have a Dominoes offer to fall back on. Whether you’re indulging in pizza, treating yo’self or being treated and celebrated in the limelight, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Bridie x

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